An innovative collection of porcelain tiles which enables you to combine your indoor space with the outdoors, exclusive to Topps Tiles.

With an identical design to the 10mm indoor tile, the Spaces 40mm outdoor tile features a layer of unique Serafoam. This creates a simple to lay system making it quicker and easier to create a seamless finish.

Seamless Indoor/Outdoor Living

The current trend for bringing the outside in reflects our love of the great outdoors, but increasingly we are looking to use our gardens as multi-functional outdoor rooms; bringing the inside out and extending our living space into the garden.

Spaces™, a Reddot Design Award 2015 winner, is an innovative collection that features the very latest Serafoam technology, which enables the unique tile range to seamlessly combine your indoor space with the outdoors.

This exclusive collection of 60x60cm porcelain tiles has been created using the very latest Serafoam technology which gives an authentic effect, but without the associated cost of natural stone or the need for sealing and maintenance.

And thanks to its lightweight properties and affordability, it's easy for DIYers to lay their own patio and use the same tile design indoors to create one continuous look.

Spaces™ FAQ's

1. What is Serafoam technology?

Serafoam is a unique tile base applied to the back of the porcelain tile which allows it to be laid outside directly onto a sand base without the need for a wet concrete mortar. Each outdoor tile weighs 17.5kg meaning it's suitable for a DIYer to handle but still provides good stability once laid.

2. How are the outdoor tiles made?

Step 1.
A 10mm porcelain tile is created using the latest manufacturing techniques.

Step 2.
If a décor tile is being created, this is where the porcelain tile has its design applied using traditional screenprinting techniques.

Step 3.
This is where the Serafoam layer is created using special porcelain dust. This is then kiln fired.

Step 4.
Both the porcelain tile and the Serafoam base are rectified before being joined together with a special glue.

3. What's the difference between the indoor and outdoor tiles?

Our Spaces™ indoor tiles are 10mm in depth and are made of porcelain. The outdoor versions of these tiles are made up of a 10mm porcelain tile with a 30m Serafoam base glued to the back. The make-up of the tiles means they're able to withstand temperature extremes and frost without cracking.

How To Lay Your Spaces™ Tiles

Spaces™ outdoor tiles are simpler to lay than traditional paving thanks to their Serafoam layer. Please follow the instructions below or watch our How To video.

The Tools
You'll Need

• Wheelbarrow

• Wacker plate

• Spirit level

• Hose pipe

• Spade

• Soft outdoor brush

• Rubber mallet

• 5mm tile spacers

• Brush-in grout

Preparing Your Base

Remove any turf, plants or existing paving and dig out to a depth of 150mm to allow for the foundation.

Install edge restraints around the area being paved to prevent the paving moving about.

Infill with 100mm base aggregate making sure water levels fall away from building and are 150mm below the DPC (Damp Proof Course).

Rake over and use a powered Wacker plate to compress hard core and provide a solid base.

Installing Spaces™

Use 50mm mortar (6 part sand: 1 part cement) and use a Wacker plate to compress and create a level surface. Sand with grit (sharp sand) is recommended.

The light weight of each tile (17KG) allows one person to lay Spaces™. Use 5mm spacers - spacer gaps are important for grout infill.

Wet the tile surface with plenty of water, and then apply a brush-in tile grouting compound to fill the gaps. The grouting compound should be: all weather brush-in, water permeable and slighlty flexible (oil based rather than cement based).

For a Perfect Finish

If you're continuing the Spaces™ range into your living area then we recommend using the following BAL grouts that are the closest match to your chosen outdoor brush-in grout;

Azpects Easy Joint Mushroom
BAL Wide Joint Grout in Limestone

Azpects Easy Joint Buff Sand
BAL Wide Joint Grout in Sandstone

Azpects Easy Joint Stone Grey
BAL Wide Joint Grout in Grey

Azpects Easy Joint Basalt
BAL Wide Joint Grout in Grey

Azpects Easy Joint Jet Black
BAL Wide Joint Grout in Grey

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