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Calatrava Rojo Handcrafted Ext Tile

Size 30cm x 30cm

was £59.00 /m2
now £40.00 /m2
£3.60 per tile
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Calatrava Blanco Handcrafted Tile

Size 30cm x 30cm

was £29.00 /m2
now £25.00 /m2
£2.25 per tile
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Pale Shiva Quartzite Riven 30x30 Tile

Size 30cm x 30cm

was £25.00 /m2
now £22.00 /m2
£1.98 per tile
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5/5 from 1 review
5/5 from 1 review

Cappadocia Cream 40.6x61 Tile

Size 40.6cm x 61cm

was £28.99 /m2
now £23.98 /m2
£5.94 per tile
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3.5/5 from 2 reviews
3.5/5 from 2 reviews

Teakwood Polished 10x20 Tile

Size 10cm x 20cm

was £25.00 /m2
now £22.00 /m2
£0.44 per tile
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Century Blue Tile

Size 40cm x 80cm

was £46.94 /m2
now £41.94 /m2
£13.42 per tile
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Elektron™ Beige Modular Tile

Pack Coverage 0.8 m2

was £61.60 /m2
now £45.00 /m2
£36.00 per box
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Hexagon Rustic Travertine Tile

Tile Coverage 0.06 m2

was £34.98 /m2
now £32.04 /m2
£1.96 per tile
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Nocello Tumbled Tile

Size 10cm x 30.5cm

was £37.05 /m2
now £33.11 /m2
£1.01 per tile
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5/5 from 1 review
5/5 from 1 review

Opulent Pure 10 Tile

Size 10cm x 30cm

was £40.00 /m2
now £35.00 /m2
£1.05 per tile
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NSM Honed & Filled Trav Strip 10x20 Tile

Size 20cm x 10cm

was £39.00 /m2
now £32.00 /m2
£0.64 per tile
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Monsoon Honed Tile

Size 60cm x 40cm

was £39.96 /m2
now £34.96 /m2
£8.39 per tile
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Platonic Ice™ Quartzite 60x30 Tile

Size 60cm x 30cm

was £29.00 /m2
now £26.00 /m2
£4.68 per tile
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Sandelwood Brushed & Unfilled Travertine 61x30.5 Tile

Size 61cm x 30.5cm

was £38.05 /m2
now £34.02 /m2
£6.33 per tile
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Sophia Dove™ Honeycomb Grey Tile

Size 20cm x 61cm

was £9.63 per tile
now £7.93 per tile
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Teakwood Polished 45x10 Tile

Size 10cm x 45.7cm

was £33.04 /m2
now £31.95 /m2
£1.46 per tile
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Teakwood Polished 7.5x30.5 Tile

Size 7.5cm x 30.5cm

was £24.04 /m2
now £21.86 /m2
£0.50 per tile
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1/5 from 2 reviews
1/5 from 2 reviews

Laurella™ Beige Tile

Size 7.5cm x 15cm

was £34.67 /m2
now £29.33 /m2
£0.33 per tile
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