Dreaming of a White Christmas...

Gone are the bright-skied autumnal days and mild weather, the bitterly cold winter frost is here, and just in time for Christmas!

Whilst the ground might soon be covered in bright fluffy white snow, have you ever thought of bringing the same colour into your home?

It might sound cold and harsh, but paired with thick knitted blankets; logs around the fireplace and beautiful accessories, a white interior scheme can work really well.

One of the best things about using white as a backdrop is that it's easy to change, meaning you can add any accent colours you choose and update these as trends move on.

White is perfect for Christmas, as it's both easy to accessorise with any decorations and gives your home that Scandinavian, wintery feel. White makes a room look light and bright on dark winter days and creates a stylish and sophisticated look in your home.

To keep white from looking cold and dull, you need to add a variety of textures and patterns to add character and depth.

Paired with warm wood shades or natural stones, white can look rustic and create a simple yet stunning room. An open fire or log burner will add visual (and practical!) warmth to the room and will also keep things very festive during the Christmas holidays.

Depending on the accent colours you choose for your room, you can match these with your Christmas decorations. A good idea is to focus on three colours (including white) and keep this theme throughout. For example, warm grey cushions or rugs will go well with red decorations to keep things classic and simple. Alternatively, a bright purple and green will also marry well together. It really is up to you.

The good thing about white is that it goes with everything and you'll never have problems with clashing colours.

Here's to a white Christmas!

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