Getting Ready for Bonfire Night!

The thrills of Bonfire Night are fast approaching, but is your garden ready to play host to your celebrations? If it could do with a little help before Fireworks Night, let our quick tips 'spark' you into action:

Lay a great foundation

Uneven surfaces in your garden don't just look messy - they can be dangerous, especially if you're out there after dark enjoying a sparkler or two. Take a look at our selection of tiles that can be used outdoors, and you could soon be enjoying a great-looking tiled area in your garden that brings new character to your outdoor space.

Light the way

The Catherine wheels and rockets will of course be the main attraction, but you can create a wonderfully magical atmosphere with the right lighting - and make it safer to be handling fireworks out in the garden too.

If you're planning on keeping the party close to your house, wall-mounted lights on the side of the house are fine, but to illuminate your whole garden, consider hanging outdoor fairy lights. Wind them around trees or attach them to fences - you might even want to use a few different designs to really liven things up.

Tidy up

It sounds simple, but your garden's not going to be party-ready until you have a good clear out. Sweep up any dead leaves, trim back any overhanging bushes and throw away any unnecessary junk.

Get decorative

After Halloween there are sure to be plenty of perfectly good pumpkins left hanging around, so use them to add some fun to Bonfire Night. Stars into them instead of faces to get everyone into the fireworks spirit.

Be bonfire-ready

If your garden is big enough and you plan to have your own bonfire, make sure you prepare suitable materials to burn. Wet materials create more smoke so avoid those, and keep nature in mind by checking your stock of bonfire timber for small animals before you light it. Hedgehogs are particularly at risk as they just love to set up home in piles of wood and sticks.

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