Celebrating Gaming History with Some Design Inspiration!

It's a big year for console gaming - not only do we have the Xbox One and PS4 to look forward to in November, but 2013 marks the anniversaries of two much-loved consoles.

First of all, the Famicom turned 30 this year, having been released in Japan in 1983 - and if that doesn't sound too familiar, it was launched in the West a couple of years later as the Nintendo Entertainment System. The NES breathed new life into the games industry and remains one of the best-selling consoles of all time.

Sega fans aren't left out either. Sensitive gamers may want to look away now - it's the 25th anniversary of the Sega Mega Drive! That's right, it's a whole quarter-century since this 16-bit wonder came into our lives, introducing some iconic characters (such as Sonic the Hedgehog) and classic titles that still have their fans today.

The Mega Drive (or Genesis as it was known over the pond) was one of the first 16-bit machines, and enjoyed a fierce rivalry with the NES and later the SNES.

Well, we wanted to mark these momentous events the best way we know how - with some funky tile ideas!

One of the great things about pixel art is that it's very easy to recreate in mosaic form: you don't have to be handy with a brush to create some great gaming designs of your own. Whether you want to add a touch of geek chic to the kitchen or enjoy some retro memories while you're soaking in the tub, anybody can spice up their walls with a bit of pixel art!

We thought we'd start with a classic - the instantly recognisable Pac-Man. This design is simple to make and really adds a bit of fun to the kitchen, as you can see to the right - and it's nicely enhanced with a wall clock or some other decoration if you fancy.

The eye-catching Pong design is just as easy to do, with the tiles arranged to set up any mock match you like. If you think your bathroom or kitchen needs livening up, this is a fantastic way to do it and pay homage to one of the earliest arcade video games at the same time.

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