Keep It Neutral & Contemporary With Our Burbank Range

Decorative patterned tiles have had a revival over the last few years by those looking for a more vintage-inspired aesthetic in contrast to the, sometimes cold, minimalism of white. Small ceramic tiles are the perfect choice for adding a pop of colour in the home; whether a splashback or feature wall, a decorative pattern can add personality to any space.

Burbank, a white bodied ceramic tile, plays with the pattern trend with an intricate geometric design and an ethereal swallow print on a contrasting base. The range is heavily inspired by nature and geometry whilst being dainty enough to replicate retro style designs.

The name Burbank was inspired by the quilt shows of California in the United States, renowned for their displays of bold pattern and decoration. Toned down by a muted colour palette of pastels, the bold patterns have a calming effect on a space whilst being on trend this season.

A Neutral Base

Use a neutral based tile to highlight a pattern and bring it to life with accessories or even your kitchen units in a contrasting jewel-like hue. The Burbank mink tile is the perfect balance between classic design and contemporary colour; mixing the pattern with the coordinating plain tile will help balance the look. For a more defined aesthetic use a dark wide grout line, perfect for making a large expanse of tiling look more homely.

Contemporary Grey

Modernise a typically ‘country' style print such as the swallows with the bold dove grey tile. Enhance the modern monochrome look by tiling with a white grout line which will help highlight the white pattern and make it shine. To help warm up grey toned tiles, try adding some greenery such as herbs on a counter top or a planter in your bathroom, succulents would be a great on-trend choice.

Zesty Peppermint

For a bolder take on the pastels trend, choose a zesty peppermint blue; the grey patterns of the Burbank range warm up an otherwise cool toned hue. To further enhance the tile, pair it with warm, rustic woods and brass metallic accessories; have fun with this colour and invest in some good quality pastel inspired accessories like mugs and plates.

The Burbank range is so versatile you can even use the geometric print to create a graphic industrial theme, just add some concrete and structural vases to complete the look. If you're still a minimalist at heart select the pure white plain tile and enjoy the simplicity of the 14x14cm format or go graphic with a dark grey or even black grout line and make a statement.

When exploring what kind of look you want to achieve, the Burbank range is certainly a good place to start; with its versatility and range of colours and patterns there is something for everyone.


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