My Style: Emma’s Bathroom Makeover

Join us in another edition of our 'My Style' series as we take a look around one of our customer's homes and discover what influenced their interior style. This week, we talk to Emma who takes us through the recent makeover of her bathroom.

Who lives here? Emma, a teacher, Chris, a financial administrator and their cat Alfie

Property: A staggered, mid terraced house built in the 1980s

Rooms decorated: Bathroom


1. Where did you find inspiration when thinking about decorating your bathroom?

We did a lot of research on the internet beforehand, looking at other people's photos and blogs. Pinterest is also one of my ‘go-to' inspiration finders, you can find beautiful photos of absolutely anything on there! I also had a look on RightMove at other similar sized properties for sale in the area to check out the photographs of their bathrooms and how they had them laid out.

2. What did your bathroom look like before you decorated?

It was a bit dated, with a shell border and a feature image of a pink lady with blue hair! It had a white suite, but was all looking old and tired and in need of an update. It also had lino on the floor which had seen better days. There was a lack of ventilation and black mould was starting to appear on the ceiling.

3. Why did you decide to decorate your bathroom?

Since we moved in in 2013, we have been working our way round the rooms. I wanted to do the bathroom next as if you were to list the rooms in order of how nice they were, the bathroom would have been at the very bottom of the list!

4. How would you describe your own personal style?

Definitely modern, clean lines and slightly minimalist - but still homely.

5. Did your tile choice influence the style of the rest of the room, or did you choose your tiles based on colours and styles you'd already picked out?

We selected our white suite and chrome taps first and in fact ordered them a couple of months ahead to spread the cost out a bit. We had decided we wanted to go with a light grey tile on the wall, but it was hard work finding the perfect one. We didn't actually agree on tiles until the week before the renovation!

6. Did you employ a tradesperson to do the work for you or did you do it yourself?

We used a tradesperson. We have done other decorating throughout our home ourselves but we are no experts in tiling and we wanted it done to a high standard.

7. What did you find most challenging about the project?

For me, the most challenging thing was making a decision on the tiles. We agreed straight away on the suite, taps and other accessories. But finding the ‘right' tiles was tough. There are so many options in so many different ranges and sizes, I suppose you are spoilt for choice and that makes it a tricky decision.

8. What did you learn during the project?

I learnt a lot about the process and the stages you go through in a bathroom renovation. Also, I found out about the little things you need to buy that you might not initially think of. For example, we didn't think about buying a waste pipe for the bath and had to pop out for the plumber during the renovation to get one.

9. What are your top tips when redecorating your home?

Use Pinterest for inspiration. Look at lots of other people's rooms online so you know what sort of style you like. Also, shop around for the best price online – the electrician recommended a specific LED extractor fan which was £99 from a DIY shop but I found it on Amazon for £60. We also got a lovely towel rail radiator from eBay for only £50.

10. Do you have any more projects on the horizon?

We are going to decorate our master bedroom next as a DIY project. It is currently quite plain with magnolia walls that are in desperate need of plastering. It also has an 80s style ceiling fan light which has to go!

11. What did you family & friends think when they saw the finished project?

Family and friends have been really impressed. My favourite comment was from Chris' mum who said it ‘looks like a show bathroom'. My sister also said she had bathroom envy!


We think you'll agree that Emma & Chris have done a fantastic job with their bathroom renovation using our Lynx Grey Mix Mosaic and Jewel range! We've included a 'before' photo below so you can see just how much the room has changed. 


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