Create a Cosy, Cottage-Style Bedroom

We can't all live in idyllic surroundings with the great British countryside flanking our homes on every side, but we can all get a little more country cottage-style cosiness into our decor. We've put together our top tips below!

Go all-natural with wooden furniture and accessories wherever you can. Natural wood flooring is also one of the most effective ways to create a homely, country-esque atmosphere in any room.

Go for solid wood for warmth, comfort and luxury, and the choice of a huge range of shades, patterns and grains, or choose engineered wood flooring for a hardwearing finish that will really ground your home in nature.

Using pattern in your décor will create a really homely, traditional feel, and will work even better when combined with warm, inviting textures. Add depth to a simple colour scheme by accessorising your home with patterned pillows in silk and velvet, opt for tapestry-style curtains or, as Better Homes and Gardens suggests, why not turn a beautifully patterned rug remnant into artwork by hanging it on the wall? It'll look great above a headboard in the bedroom.

Use warm colours to bring your home to life, but be sure to let nature be your inspiration. Mossy greens, earthy browns and sunset yellows are perfect.
Have fun with lots of different patterns at once.

From floral prints to bird motifs, the country cottage is a place of many contrasting images - sometimes slightly chaotic equals stylish!

If you'd like to take on a bigger project or two, painted panelled wood walls will give any room lots of old-fashioned character, while faux wooden ceiling beams are the dream addition to any home channelling the country cottage theme.

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