How Much Value Can Renovations Add to Your Home?

If you're looking to renovate your home, landscape your garden or simply redecorate your bathroom it's important to always consider the value you can potentially add to your property versus the budget you're spending on doing the renovations.

Sainsbury's Bank have come up with a clever calculator to help you explore your budget options and then estimate the potential benefit when selling your property. It'll also show you the areas of the home that add the most value which is helpful if you're looking specifically to add value to a house before moving on to a new project.

Even retiling can add value to a house and increase its selling potential; a contemporary home with modern conveniences appeals to many homebuyers who don't relish the idea of a big DIY project. This doesn't necessarily mean beige though, it's important to decorate your home for you and your family's needs. By keeping your fixtures minimal and neutral you can afford to add a little personality with paint and tiles which are much easier to interchange than a whole bathroom suite.

The same goes for a kitchen, opt for a floor that is practical and hardwearing but then add a little oomph with a patterned or colourful splashback that complements your kitchen units.

Head over to Sainsbury's Bank to calculate the cost of your home renovations and start planning your new home!

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