Tiled Skirting

Tiled skirting is a common occurrence in mainland Europe as they favour tiled flooring throughout their homes keeping them cool in the hot summer months. The trend for this style has now made its way over to the UK, more as a chic finishing touch than a necessity but it also has its practical advantages too!

Keeping your floor clean is much easier if you have tiled skirting, you can steam clean right up to the edges of a room without damaging any painted wood that you would have with traditional skirting. Not to mention, that once sealed, your tiled skirting will require a fraction of the maintenance that wood skirting would, you don't need to maintain it year on year.

The look of tiled skirting is also much more versatile than wooden skirting and you can achieve a number of looks whether you decide to finish the skirting panel off with a trim or choose to carry on tiling up the wall with a different tile. Carrying the tiled floor up on to the wall as skirting will help your room to look bigger than it actually is, as the eye will travel across the floor and up the wall creating a seamless effect by softening the transition between wall and floor.

It's simple to create tiled skirting, all you need to do is use the tiles that you've already purchased and cut them down to size; handy plank tiles are usually the perfect height as skirting is usually 12-15cm depending on how wide you want it to be.

Ask our in-store colleagues for more advice on tiled skirting and trims to finish off your project in style.

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