Renovating Your Kitchen On A Budget

Whether you have £100, £500 or £1,000 to play with, revamping your kitchen space isn't as hard as you think. With the average person spending 1 hour 36 minutes in their kitchen a day*, it's often the busiest room in the home, making it well deserving of a little makeover!

We've put together a few ideas to help put the life back into your kitchen no matter what your budget.

Budget: £100 

Modernising your kitchen doesn't have to be expensive, there are plenty of ways to spruce up your space easily and quickly. The first thing that can start to make any room look tired is the paintwork; a quick lick of paint can really freshen up and brighten a tired room. If you love minimalist, modern style you might opt for a bright white or more industrial grey. Or, if you prefer country, rustic living then a soft duck egg blue, sage green or cream would do the trick. Take a look at our Style Statements page for more inspiration.

If you don't feel like getting your hands dirty then purchasing statement accessories is a good way to update your kitchen and add a splash of colour to the room. Try adding fresh flowers, a windowsill herb box or new crockery to your worktops. Another cost effective way of restoring your kitchen space is changing the door handles; chrome handles really lend themselves to a more minimalist feel or hopping on the copper trend is a stunning alternative.

Budget: £500

Creating a tiled splashback is not only useful and practical, but allows you to put more of your personality and character into your kitchen. As it will only cover a small area you wont have to spend a great deal to see a big difference, check out our Pinterest here for some kitchen tiling inspiration and when you've chosen the tiles you like, use our Visualiser to create your dream kitchen. 

Depending on the size of your kitchen and the tiles you choose, you should have some spare cash left over to paint the rest of the room to freshen it up and purchase some new accessories to complete your new look. 

Budget: £1,000

So, you have a bit more money to play with but can't afford a complete kitchen renovation, you've already completed the paint job and your tiles are still in a good state, what now? 

Painting your kitchen cabinets (or getting someone in to do it for you!) is our top tip for updating your kitchen on a budget. We'd recommend going for a light colour to make the most of the space, especially in smaller kitchens. Change the cupboard handles too and you'll have a completely new look. 

You could also invest in new worktops to reinvigorate your cooking area, as they can look worn if you've had them a few years.  There are many worktop options which don't have to cost a fortune, the cheapest being laminate. This comes in various colours and styles and on average costs around £100 per 3 metre section. Alternatively, for a more natural look, solid wood comes in at about £500 per 3 metres, however does allow you to do more with the space, as unlike laminate you can create curved edges which is perfect for breakfast bars.

The most expensive worktop option is granite or marble, which would likely set you back around £800 per 3 metres and although a little more pricey, it's the most hard wearing and will give any kitchen an amazing finish.


We hope this has helped with your budget kitchen renovation - let us know on Facebook or Twitter how you get on! 


Sources: Average time spent in the kitchen per day – Lloyds Britain at Home Report 2015 


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