Introducing the UK’s Best DIY Little Helpers!

From lending a hand in the garden, to helping with a spot of baking, families around the country are getting their kids practicing traditional DIY skills this summer.

We recently ran a survey and discovered that most children start helping around the home at an early age, with over half of children lending a hand from the age of 4.

Suprisingly, we found that washing up was the most popular task amongst little ones, with a third of girls and of boys choosing it as their favourite activity to help with.

In the spirit of the summer holidays, we decided to run a competition to find the nation's most helpful kids, with the winner receiving a family day out worth up to £200. We received lots of entries, ranging from kids helping out in the garden to painting walls, and even helping with a house build! 

Take a look at the practical youngsters who made it into our top 10 below and meet the little lady who won us over with the best gardening skills in town and who we've officially crowned the nation's best DIY Little Helper!


10. At number 10 we have helpful Daisy assisting with laying some outdoor paving

9. Ben's helping to wash the family car at number 9

8. Here's Rubi helping her Dad to build their new house!

7. At 7, we have aspiring interior designer Isla who's helping her Dad paint her new bedroom

6. Prerna is at number 6 with her gardening skills

5. Harry's happily helping to paint the garden shed

4. This young lady is helping to wash the dishes

3. Sapphire's doing a great job of helping to decorate her baby brother's room

2. At number 2 we have a very keen decorator who's a dab hand with the roller!

Now it's time to announce our overall winner! Drumroll please... 

1. The winner is keen gardener and all-round helper Bella! 

Looking at these pictures, we think you'll agree this skilful youngster is deserving of the title of the nation's best DIY Little Helper!

Bella loves helping in the garden and making fun games as she goes along - the images capture her wheelbarrow delivery race in progress! Commenting on her little helper's win, Bella's Mum Tanya said: “I am so thrilled that Bella has won this amazing competition! We don't get many days out as a family so I am really looking forward to taking my little family somewhere fun where we can explore and share lots of laughter.

“Bella is such a wonderful daughter and a great little helper and often helps out with small jobs in and out of the house. Her favourite thing is doing the garden with Mummy and washing the car with Daddy - both involve getting messy with she loves. She always helps out with her baby brother too, but runs away at nappy changing times!

“For a 4 year old, Bella's imagination is amazing at this age. We had just come back from the garden centre and she asked for her wheelbarrow. She often plays racing games with Daddy so then asked if I could make her a track. I found we had some garden canes spare so made a track and she said she was my delivery person. Fabulous! A way to get the flowers to me and for Bella to have fun. We even had timed races to see who could do it the quickest.”

Well done Bella! 

Don't forget to have a peek at all the other amazing entries below.



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