Perfect Rooms To Escape To

We all love the idea of a room that we can retreat to; somewhere calming, inspiring and - most importantly - somewhere that reflects us and our personality. Here, we've taken a peek through other people's wishful windows to see exactly what their dream rooms would look like. Read on, and be inspired...

Dream bedrooms always seem to feature four poster beds! This room, however, takes the traditional princess-worthy set-up and gives it a bold burst of colour that we just can't get enough of. The blue hue is soothing but the lime green walls ensure the room doesn't look washed out. We also love the huge, propped-up clock and sleek, almost-black wood flooring. Get the look with our own real wood or laminate flooring in the darkest shade that works for your home.

There's a lot of love for walk-in wardrobes on Pinterest (which you can fully embrace with the help of our recent blog post on creating one) but this room shows that with a little creativity, any space can easily become the perfect place for your stylish possessions! If the idea of having everything in its place and neatly organised sends a sense of calm washing over you, why not start dreaming up ways to incorporate this storage solution into your home?

If you find solace among the pages of books, you'll love this awe-inspiring library. With white shelves and natural-look wooden furniture, we think it'd be the ideal setting for our oak real wood flooring here.

It's not always about relaxing...

There are many ways to liven up children's bedroom décor, but the 'crawl portal' in this room is one of the best. While it would take a lot of work to recreate this feat of design, you can capture the room's fun spirit much more easily with our Playtime Hands laminate flooring here.

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