Creating the Perfect Walk-in Wardrobe

A walk-in wardrobe is a popular wishlist-topper, but with the price of a ready-made version often equalling more than the contents of the average person's clothing collection, it can seem a very distant fantasy. Here, we show you that the idea needn't be pushed into 'when I win the lottery' territory, it can be made a reality - and for less than you'd think.

The space to start

Whether you have a tiny box room to spare or you're transforming part of your bedroom, don't let the size of your space put you off: these tips can help you turn even the pokiest of places into a celebrity-worthy closet.


Laminate flooring is the perfect choice for a walk-in wardrobe. It'll make the space look and feel much sleeker and more modern than carpet would, and it'll also make it much easier to keep the room clean and fresh. Our Quick Step White Brushed Pine would look perfect - the pale colour really opening up the space - but since a walk-in wardrobe is a luxurious feature itself, why not go the extra mile and opt for decadent real wood flooring?


Whatever size your space, measuring is an extremely important step, not only to ensure you have a place for everything but to make sure it's all laid out neatly and accessibly. Measure the width and depth of the room, but also the space available either side of any doors or windows. Take these measurements with you to buy...


Mount clothes rails to suit the clothes you own: if you have a lot of longer dresses, coats and skirts, be sure to set a rail (or rails) high enough so your clothes won't trail on the floor. You could add a lower rail for tops or jumpers underneath the window sill to maximise the space, or use this area for a set of draws containing your accessories.

Normal, everyday shelves make perfect places for your shoes, folded jumpers and other non-hanging items. If you're willing to put the work in, you can make your own shelves to fit the space, but you'll find a variety of sizes, relatively cheaply, both online and in bricks and mortar stores.

As an alternative to placing all your folded items on shelves, consider a chest or trunk for vintage-inspired style.

Top tips:

• Create a mixture of open and covered spaces, as seen here, to prevent your walk-in wardrobe looking too cluttered, while still making it easy to find things at a glance.
• Include plenty of mirrors to make the space seem bigger, with at least one full-length mirror to allow you to admire your finished looks!
• Be inspired by boutique shops and display your possessions in the most attractive ways you can find: we love the idea of showing accessories off in a glass cabinet, jewellery store-style, or mounting earrings and necklaces on the walls for a neat and space-saving solution.
• If you have the room, put a stool or even a chaise lounge in the centre of your walk-in wardrobe, for somewhere to sit and contemplate your outfit choices - or to pile options on to while you decide! We're inspired by the glitzy room here.
• Since your clothes, shoes and accessories will form their own rainbow of colour, you may like to keep walls, fittings and other decorative features to just one or two colours.
• Recreate a grand library style by installing a ladder to match your shelves. You could put it on a rail to make the most of the upward space, but really, you don't even have to use it to get style points from us!

Enjoy your fabulous new wardrobe!

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