Rock the Natural Look

Natural décor needn't be dull! We show you how to create rooms with the 'wow' factor by making the most of what nature gave us.

Kitchen - A glossy granite look

If you dream of a kitchen that's sleek and stylish but capable of standing up to your family's demands, it could be time to look to nature. Granite is an extremely hardwearing stone, formed from the crystalisation of molten magma below the Earth's surface, and it's ready to revamp your kitchen!

Why not opt for high-shine black polished granite floor tiles such as these? They'll create a glossy finish that will look fantastic set against crisp contemporary white walls. Enhance the room's new lease of life by installing highly-polished appliances and high-gloss worktops and kitchen units - granite shines here too!

Bathroom - A decadent marble look

Whether you love an invigorating shower or a long hot soak, your bathroom is a place you go to relax and pamper yourself. So why not transform it into the most luxurious room in your house?

A bathroom decorated with marble tiles is a room that exudes enduring style, and the classic look it will help you create means it'll make the right impression on your family and your guests for years to come.

Create a beautiful, spa-inspired finish by using coordinating marble floor and wall tiles, and tailoring the look to your tastes: why not go for subtle shades of beige or grey? Or create an impact with a striking monochrome look courtesy of polished black and white marble tiles.

Living room - A modern industrial look

The industrial look is big news in the world of interior design, but with such a dramatic style, it's important you get it right!

First of all, you need to lay the right foundations. Flagstone floor tiles will give you the look of an authentic workspace, while providing you with a strong, lasting and easily-maintained floor. Choose greys or browns to create a real sense of an industrial past in your home.

When it comes to the walls, areas of exposed brickwork are the ideal, but stark white, beige or - once again - grey will do nicely. Exposed beams are the Holy Grail in an industrial-inspired room, so make them a central feature by leaving them unpainted and continually referencing their colour in other items around the room.

Furniture and fittings in natural untreated wood will complement your stone floor beautifully, while everything from genuine workbenches revamped as sofas to wire cages re-imagined as indoor lighting solutions will add to this unique and striking look.

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