Fifiís Utility Room Makeover & how she chose her country floor tiles

Fifi is a UK interior blogger specialising in home renovations; blogging the progression of her country-inspired 1930s semi-detached house renovation, she discusses how she designed her outdated utility room.

Going on a journey...Of my entire house renovation, the simplest to design and build was our utility room. What was once a cold and unloved narrow conservatory was quickly turned into a practical laundry room with a country feel.

We all have those rooms in the house that are used as dumping grounds, and our utility room was exactly that; it was so far from how I wanted it to look! The floor at this stage was a bright orange 'quarry tile' look gone wrong - with rough plaster all over it from making use of the room as a tool room!

Taking inspiration from our trips to the countryside where stone-fronted houses would always catch my eye, I had a very clear vision for the space. I love country home decoration, mixed with a little bit of modern decor for a timeless feel so, as I do with all home renovation projects, I started with a mood board and it all unfolded from there.

Choosing the tiles...The mood board made it easier to decide what style worktops and tiles I liked and then, to pull the look together on budget I did lots of research.

We already had bare brick walls painted in Farrow & Ball Lime White, and I knew stone floor tiles would match perfectly whilst achieving a cottage look floor to give the narrow room more character.

I discovered the rustic look of limestone and really liked how unique every stone tile was. The natural limestone reminded me of flagstones often used for cottage paths and kitchen floors. With an aged appearance, packed with charm and irregularities, limestone was perfect for our utility room floor; hardwearing, forgiving, and easy to maintain – what's more, it's the perfect country look floor!

Before making my decision, I narrowed down several options: Amazone, Mottistone and Dorsaf. I then nipped to our local Topps Tiles in Lewes to have a look at the tiles in person and the Amazone tiles stole the show for me; I loved the variation in colour and the non-uniformed and frankly, very easy to lay modular pattern.

The finished look...We paired it with BAL Micromax2 grout in lime, which complements the tiles perfectly, and then sealed it with unpolished stone protector; tough going on my hands and knees giving it two coats, but worth every minute as it's given the floor an impermeable layer of protection, meaning I can spill and mop without any worries.

I'm so happy with how the room has developed from an unloved conservatory to a practical utility room that's full of charm. I have so many visitors tell me how much they love our floor when they pop in; I'm delighted we chose it.


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