Bringing Style To Life With Our New Spring Brochure

As an interior brand we're dedicated to bringing you the latest in tile design and innovation that also works in harmony with the latest trends in interiors. We like to focus on those trends that have a little more longevity rather than quick fads you'll quickly tire of. Our new brochure is designed specifically to inspire you to have the confidence to invest in one of the four key trends that will evolve and grow as time goes on. It's your home, it should represent you.

Lux Living

Colour has always played a key role in accenting interiors and denoting a certain lifestyle by way of trends. In the Parisian châteaux, opulent jewel-tones with rich golds and embroidery were used to promote wealth and culture. In recent years, the harmony of soft greys and a neutral colour palette, as seen in the delicate tones of marble, offer a softer decadence which still exudes luxury. We show you how to keep this look modern by contrasting a clean crisp interior with antiqued glass, weathered brass and iconic furniture like an Eames-inspired chair.

There are plenty of options in our collection that are the epitome of luxurious living. Mixing a soft honed marble like Serac with a rich metallic Foundry trim is an instant way to participate in the trend.

My Statement

As you may have guessed, this look is all about the wow factor. But that doesn't necessarily mean bright and colourful. Intricate hand carved panels like Caspari's instantly add impact without being garish.

Elements of pattern have always taken inspiration from past eras and been updated, the encaustic tile synonymous with the Victorians were first known as inlaid tiles back in the medieval period. Moving forwards, pattern has become more graphic and intricate for both traditional and contemporary geometric styles. This trend keeps evolving beyond the traditional encaustic and into other styles that take inspiration from artists like Henri Matisse and David Hockney, helping to create a more modern vibe with block colour and intercut shapes.

Raw Comfort

Many of the materials found in this trend are both architectural and tactile in nature with a contemporary mood towards concrete, wood and marble to reflect the industrial aesthetic. Within this new graceful industrial setting, refined colour, patterns and texture combine with understated neutrals and an ‘oiled' colour palette of weathered tones to create harmony between man-made materials and those produced by nature; the contrast between resin, plastic and silicone with natural terracotta and opaque glass. Bold structure is an important element of raw comfort; shapes and silhouettes inspired by city landscapes and industrial buildings are combined with a useful, simple and utilitarian design.

If you're a lover of nature then natural stone like slate, granite and marble are going to be the biggest pull in taking on this trend. Wood-effect tiles are also a great way to introduce that element of raw materials into the home; a distressed wood-effect like Dartrey and Slumber Ash Mix will create a contemporary vibe.


Simply Minimal

Minimalism started to gain traction in the late 1960s but it wasn't until the 90s that stark minimalism, inspired by British designer John Pawson, really took hold. The need for personality and warmth moved the trend towards the now timeless Scandi look. Whites are now two tones warmer, rustic woods are paired with lightweight metals and furniture silhouettes have been softened with textured wool throws and neutral textiles.

The key to this trend is texture, by mixing a neutral colour palette with a subtle graphic tile like Hamlin or Callow you will create simple, clean lines which are infused with emotion.

Pick up your brochure in store today or download it online to view now. To further explore these trends follow us on Pinterest as we have a board dedicated to each trend, it's time to be a little more daring.



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