The Sanctuary of Home by Styleophile UK

Content creator Styleophile UK talks through her latest inspirations from recent travels and how staying home is the new going out!


At an interiors event I attended last month, Sophie Robinson (BBC's Great Interior Design Challenge) spoke of the new mood being discussed on social media, JOMO- the ‘Joy of Missing Out'. Taking time to enjoy the here and now instead of constantly rushing and feeling disconnected. In home terms, more of us are relishing staying in and making small, but important changes to our routines. Longer conversations over dinner where we engage with each other, creative projects we have always wanted to try, perhaps even just a long bath instead of a 2-minute shower.

Our homes have never been more important. We are spending our time (and money) on making spaces we really want to spend time in and enjoy, particularly our kitchens and bathrooms.  Searches on Pinterest for ‘bathroom spa' have increased a whopping 269% year on year! Whilst we may not all have the budget or room for an entire spa, we can make some updates to ensure our bathrooms are a self-care sanctuary and somewhere we want to relax in a little longer than usual.


Hotel looks at home and trends that inspire...

Inspirational Places

For me, the last couple of hotels I've stayed in for work have really inspired me to make some changes at home. Thoughtful design, efficient layout, and special touches means hotel bathrooms are places for pampering—yet still capable of meeting your needs. In interiors terms, our bathroom was tired (ok it was EXHAUSTED). I took some snaps from the Hoxton in Shoreditch and Hotel Du Vin and then searched their websites for more professional images to see what it was I really loved and found the above hotel looks that I wanted to convey at home.


Contemporary Scheme 

The continuing love for the brick tile shows no signs of slowing. At the Hoxton in Shoreditch, my bathroom was a small space, however ALL the walls were tiled, shiny and inviting. This meant I wasn't concerned about splashing and it felt really modern. The shampoo and shower gel were wall mounted which meant no unsightly, half-used bottles all over the shower floor. Clean and serene.


Monochrome colourway

Using tiles in black or white (or BOTH as is the new mood for maximalism) in bathrooms means not having to compromise!  These classic two colours are neither feminine or masculine and just feel really current. They also help to future-proof your scheme, when you feel like an update simply changing the paint or accessories is a relatively inexpensive way of introducing a new trend. Metallics, marble and hanging plants or colour pops and contemporary art can all happily work alongside monochrome tiling.



Choosing a large, glass shower screen instead of curtains (which keep moisture hanging around and can go mouldy) mean a quick squeegee and the bathroom is gleaming again. Additionally, they increase the feeling of space in smaller rooms. Using lots of tiles like here at the Hotel Du Vin and the Hoxton, mean maintenance is kept to minimum. The tiles, which benefit from a spray of protector/cleaner (like Microshield Plus from Topps Tiles) come up shiny and hygienic.

These styling ideas look great and are easy to do; saving that precious time so we can spend more of it enjoying our homes.

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