Creating a Wet Room In Your Home

If you're looking to create a spa-like feel in your home or want to maximise space in a small bathroom, a wet room is the perfect choice.

These open shower areas blend seamlessly with the rest of the room to create one living space dedicated to luxury and relaxation. They're also among the most popular bathroom upgrades, so transforming your bathroom into a wet room could even increase the value of your home.

There's a huge range of options available depending on your room size, budget and the kind of look you want to create. With our wide selection of tiles suitable for wet rooms, you can create almost any style in your new wet room.

The key to a good wet room is preparation and waterproofing. Get these things right and you'll have a wet room that (with the correct care) can last for years to come. Our handy ‘how to' video and checklist will help you out here but we'd recommend you visit your local store for further advice if you're planning on doing the job yourself.

When it comes to installing a wet room, there are different methods depending on the surface of your bathroom floors. Our installation guide will help you here and explain all the tools and accessories you'll need to give your wet room a professional finish.

Wet rooms are, in general, easier to maintain that a traditional bathroom as they remove the usual fixtures you'd find in a shower room and the drain is set into the floor. If your wet room is quite small, you could add a shower screen to prevent water spraying onto the rest of the room which will also mean you have less waterproofing to do.

If you're after complete luxury, you can install underfloor heating in your wet room. This will not only dry the room faster, it will also keep your toes warm on those cold mornings!

Unsure of the cost? We've put together a guide which should help you get an idea of what your budget could buy based on your room size. It's worth noting that this doesn't include tiles, shower screens or grout & adhesive so we'd advise you setting aside additional budget for these items.


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