Interior Design Trends for Spring 2014

Are you wondering what the warm weather has in store for your home?

We bring our pick of the best interior design trends set to light up our summers, so pour yourself a glass of lemonade, grab an ice cream and let's welcome the sunshine in style - even if it's not quite here yet!

Colours that evoke a childhood summer

Picture a clear, 'Placid Blue' sky, tranquil and uplifting. Delicate 'Violet Tulip' flowers are bobbing in the salty sea breeze, while delicate springtime 'hemlock'-coloured grasses sway in wave-like ripples and form a lush contrast to the sun-warmed 'sand' which looks lightly toasted and inviting. This is not just a dreamy seaside scene from an idyllic childhood; these are the colours of the season according to Pantone's Fashion Colour Report for Spring 2014.

Working them into your interior décor, however, is sure to transport you to the magic of simpler days, and we think using them just how you'd find them outside is the perfect way to do it. Think Placid Blue walls, brought to life with Violet Tulip accents and complemented by flooring that's just the right shade of beige to ensure you can almost feel the sand between your toes.

Topps' take on the trend

Get the look with rich, beige-coloured floor tiles from our collection. Let the gorgeous Caribbean Blue shade from our Essentials range of wall tiles set the scene in your kitchen or bathroom.

Cut-out designs

Fashion's influence permeates interior design again in the second of our SS14 trends. This time, it's not about what's there, it's about what's been taken away. Just like the dramatic dresses and daring tops that made their way down the season's runways, stylish homes will be sporting pieces with shapes and lines cut away from them to leave an intricate yet thoroughly modern finish. Steal the style by looking for lightshades, bowls, rugs - in fact anything you like as long as it features cut-out patterns. Elle Décor has brought together some stunning designer pieces to inspire you.

Topps' take on the trend

Create a unique finish by laying out mosaic tiles in any arrangement you like. We have plenty of colour and style options to tempt you, so why not use them to frame a feature of your home with a cut-out border?


Pretty plumage is set to be everywhere as we sashay into spring, so start collecting those key pieces now. We love feather-motif fabrics and wallpaper (perhaps just on one wall!) but look out for bedding, towels or even cups baring the delicate image to get the look on a less permanent scale.

Topps' take on the trend

Give all those feathery motifs an edge by setting them against a sleek, single-coloured backdrop. Our Regal range of wall tiles will create the perfect seamless look.

If you'd love to mimic the beautiful array of colours found in feathers throughout your home, why not let our new Botella Midnight Haze Mosaic tiles help you do just that? We think you'll love the diverse but perfectly harmonious combination of gold, silver and bronze shades that'll bring any room to life.

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