Get Well Soon Winnie

Little Winnie Martin was born on the 2nd August 2010 but only given four days to live. Winnie has had heart failure, liver failure and many health complications since including being Down syndrome, Leukemia and many life threatening periods in various hospitals.

The stress, upset and heartache that both poor Winnie and her devoted family have gone through over the last eight years is awful and it's not ending any time soon. The constant needs of Winnie mean her family cannot work full time having to care for her night and day and their house desperately needed adapting to suit little Winnie's needs.

The family home had a falling down conservatory on the back of the house that was the perfect place for Winnie if it was kitted out properly. And that's where the wonderful community have stepped in, friends and building companies got together to transform the space from a broken down, leaking mess to a solid and warm open plan kitchen. We've lent a hand by providing some practical tiles for both the walls and floor of the kitchen including our Regal Wave porcelain tiles and Attingham Seagrass for an attractive splashback. 

We wish the best of luck to Winnie and her lovely family in this tough time and hope that the hard work and dedication of their friends, family and the local businesses have helped make their day to day lives that little bit easier.

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