We Announce The Winner of Our Topps Trinkets Competition!

Back when we first launched our Topps Trinkets competition, we never envisaged receiving so many brilliant entries. From sentimental homemade favourites to tinsel-tastic baubles, the team here at Topps Tiles have loved sifting through what can only be described as a sack-load of entries over the past few weeks.

All in all, we read through over one-hundred entries and, as you can imagine, picking a winner hasn't been easy. Every tale that you submitted has been carefully considered, but unfortunately, there can only be one winner - so without further ado, it's time to reveal who has won our Topps Trinkets competition and bagged themselves an awesome Christmas hamper in the process!

1. Our winner! 'Ugly Santa' by Jim Radford: “Here is Ugly Santa! He was my nan's and when I was a little boy it terrified me! When she sadly passed some 20 years ago it was passed down to my mother, who in turn passed it to me when my wife and I got our own place. It comes out on our tree every year and freaks out my daughter. I despise it but wouldn't part with it - simply because it reminds me of my nanny!”

2 - 'Little Red House' by Catherine Renfrey: “The Christmas after me and my husband married in 1960, we couldn't afford a tree. We collected some branches from the park and painted some fir cones with my husband's model plane paints and hung them from the branches. My husband bought one decoration, a little red glass house and said "I'll buy you a real house one day." We have our own house and that little red glass house has had pride of place on our tree for 55 years!”

3 - 'Skiing Santa Girl' by Hayley Smart: “My festive memento was bought on our first skiing trip in France ten years ago. Upon a snowy mountain I thought that I would freeze and he handed me the skiing girl with a ring hung on her skis. My Skiing Santa Girl caused my heart to overflow and reminds me of that special time - my proposal in the snow”

4 - 'Breast Cancer Bauble' by Mary Cooper: “I don't do the colour coordinated theme – instead, every bauble on my tree represents a memory - either from a holiday destination, something the children made when they were little, or even a toy that used to be in my pram when I was a baby. But best of all is the breast cancer bauble that I bought after a stressful year that included a mastectomy, chemo and radiotherapy. It reminds me to forget how stressed I am and remember how blessed I am.”

5 – '71-year-old Fairy' by Lynne Newton: “My most treasured trinket is a little fairy that stood for 65 years on my mother's Christmas tree. She watched over our family during some very happy Christmas times and a few sad Christmases too. She now tops my own family Christmas tree and has done for the past six years - this Christmas will be her 71st year watching over our family! She is my most treasured possession and for me, Christmas simply wouldn't be Christmas without her. “

6 - 'Starfish Santa' by Marie Parton: “This is Starfish Santa and he is important to me as it was the first decoration I bought with my husband when we were living and working in the Caribbean. For the first few years he did have a little pong when we bought him out of storage, but we do love him and remember bartering to buy him from the street market in the heat!”

7 - 'Siamese Cats' by Annette Edgar: “This little tree decoration was bought when I was about five years old, and that was 60 years ago! I never even knew what a Siamese cat was then. Many years later when I was 17 we bought our first Siamese and I have had Siamese ever since!”

8 – '45-year-old Angel' by Nicola Stagg: “I remember decorating our family Christmas tree when I was six (I may have helped when I was younger, but I can't remember that far back!). I'm pretty sure my mum rearranged some of the decorations once I'd gone to bed, but she let me help all the same, just as I love having our daughter of seven years help decorate the tree! This angel was my absolute favourite, it has been well used and loved, and after 45 years of gracing our family tree. It is now one of our daughter's favourites - her wings are in a bit of a sorry state though!”

9 - 'Rescue Cat' by Sarah Steeples: “Six years ago, we bought this little cat decoration to celebrate our rescue cat's first Christmas with the family. In those six years the cat has virtually destroyed our poor Christmas tree by climbing up it and swiping at the baubles - but we always forgive him and hang his decoration in pride of place for all to see!”

10 - 'Star Wars Ewok' by Angela Wilson: “This is the Christmas decoration you were looking for. Do or do not (decorate the tree), there is no try. Much fun had every year making sure the favourite Ewok is placed on the tree. Generations sit together and watch Christmas films, with Star Wars being one of the favourites, and the children always make sure that he sits with the angel - they are sort of a couple!”


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