Tile of the Year!

We're extremely excited to announce our Tile of the Year!

This is the year of Lampas Peacock. Fitting into various trends, we've worked with Sophie Robinson to explore how to use this bold colour in your home to create a variety of looks.

Sophie is an Interior Designer and Colour Expert making her the perfect fit for our exciting new venture. “I'm fully behind the tile of the year campaign as it's a great opportunity for people to think outside the box in terms of colour and design when it comes to tiled surfaces, and opt for something more striking than the default go-to neutral.”


This amazing glossy tile features a slightly distressed edging within the glaze as well as a rustic hand finished edge creating an appealing rustic feel. The contemporary colour palette makes this range bang up to date and a versatile choice for those looking to add an element of interior design trends into their home.

The range also includes a decorative pattern that has over eight different designs, the embossed patterning adding a layer of texture and depth to the colour. This brick shaped tile is perfect for any home that is in need of a little revamp.

This jewel toned ceramic tile doesn't need to be sealed and can be used on any wall in the home for a pop of glossy colour. We love to use the bold peacock shade as a feature wall mixing the plain and pattern tiles in a random fashion creating a stylish yet eclectic look.



Moody Hues

A stunning contrast to recent neutral trends such as Scandi and Hygge, we're seeing much deeper and darker tones coming through whether it's a sink basin, kitchen units or tiles, the overall look is to create a cosy and inviting space.

Lampas Peacock is the perfect tile to inject some colour into a darker scheme without it taking over, the deep jewel tones and darker edges fit alongside other textures like velvet, wood grain and natural stone to create any look you like.


A trend we love is all about maximising your space, a stark contrast to minimalism, and making the space your own, the idea being that it evolves with you. Mixing bold colour, sumptuous texture and exciting patterns will fill your home with personality that is unique you.

The patterned tile of Lampas Peacock ticks every box and looks amazing when paired with other colours in the range as well as colourful grout lines. You can really go all out with this tile and make the look as complex as you like.

Vintage Greens

Green has been the ‘in' colour for the last couple of years and is constantly evolving. Starting from the vibrant Greenery shade by Pantone, morphing into scintillating emeralds and jades to now, a much deeper and denser green.

Ultimately inspired by the 1970's trend, tones of olive, chartreuse and khaki have influenced interiors. The Lampas Peacock tile adds a touch of vibrancy with its high gloss finish and darker edges creating a moody but luxurious finish.



“The brick bond layout used with a dark grout lends itself to a more classic look, but here the tile layout has been switched about with a paler tile above, separated with a striking brass trim to dazzling effect.”- Sophie Robinson

Grout colour, trims and laying patterns all make a huge difference to overall effect of your tiled space and should be considered at the very start of your project. With Lampas Peacock we love a pink grout, a brass trim and a herringbone pattern to give it a truly contemporary and eclectic edge.

See more from Sophie Robinson over on our YouTube channel as she talks you through the design of the Lampas bathroom inspired by the Maximalism trend.

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