The Clever Kitchen

Has your kitchen has been 'just a kitchen' for far too long? Then it's time to make it work harder.

The clever kitchen you're about to be introduced to is easier to keep clean, has a place for everything, makes you want to spend time in it and, of course, looks ultra-stylish too.

Meet the must-have features of the clever kitchen:

Easy-clean walls

Splashed, dirty and flaking walls will turn your kitchen from chic to shabby in no time, so protect your walls from a grimy fate by mounting kitchen wall tiles. You might choose to fully tile all four, or just opt for a splashback behind your hob and sink areas. Either way, the tiles will be easy to clean and durable - meaning they'll look great after just a quick post-cook clean-up, and for years to come.
The range of kitchen wall tiles here prove that practical need never be boring - whether you're tempted by bold shades, fun patterns or unusual materials.

Super storage

Since having lots of little bits and bobs around the kitchen is often the thing that makes it look messy and disorganised, we've brought together two great ways to get these bits looking neat and tidy - you'll find plenty more inspiration on Pinterest.
• Make the most of the hidden storage space you already have. The insides of cupboards can be turned into the perfect place to hang all manner of utensils. Here, they've fitted a corkboard to the door and used it to keep measuring spoons neatly arranged and out of sight.
• Got an awkwardly narrow empty space in your kitchen? Either make or buy a thin set of shelves (with a back), put it on wheels, attach a handle and slide it into the gap - et voilà! The perfect place to keep tins or any other kitchen accessories you want out of the way but within easy reach.

Flooring that stands up for itself

Even if you're not an avid chef, you're likely to spend a lot of time in your kitchen - as is the rest of your family. We're talking muddy boots, high heels and even paws and claws walking over your kitchen floor every single day. This calls for some extremely durable flooring.

Floor tiles are a fantastic choice - they are durable and long-lasting, and they look beautifully modern too. Natural stone flooring is particularly resilient, and as you'll see, looks great.

Entertainment provided

Cooking is a lot of fun, but it could be even better with a little entertainment while you're stirring. The Kitchen Cabinet Mount for your iPad (discussed here) lets you watch what you want while you cook, without things getting messy - and without the commitment of having a TV in the heart of your home. Entertainment certainly has a place in the clever kitchen, and we love the idea of using it to follow recipes while we're cooking.

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