Decorating For Autumn 2014...And Beyond

Once the summer sun is no longer tempting us outside but the uninspiring chill of winter hasn't quite set in, what better way to spend a free weekend than by refreshing your interior décor? The question is, what colour do you go for?

Meet the shades that will not only revamp your home for autumn, they'll stay looking stylish for - well - until you fancy a change!


Scarlett shades have the inexplicable ability to always look stylish, but, more impressive still, they always manage to look wonderfully modern too. Whether you opt for a red kitchen or use the shade to make a bold first impression in your hallway, it'll always be the perfect way to inject some contemporary flair into your décor. You can't beat our Metro Red tiles for a striking finish.

Navy blue

Whether you take the nautical-inspired route or just let navy be a softer - yet just as stylish - alternative to black, this is one colour with a lot of potential and even more longevity. Try our Piamonte Navy Wall Tiles here for a very stylish bathroom.

Black and white

From Victorian homes to the clothing creations of Coco Chanel, this bold combination has reigned supreme for generations. As such, it's the perfect basis for your interior décor - just use easily changeable items like cushions, throws and picture frames to inject a season-appropriate burst of colour as and when you fancy. Try our exclusive Deco Black tiles for a sleek and glossy look that's perfect with white furniture and accessories.

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