Decorating with Blue in Winter

Blue has earned itself the reputation of being a cold colour, causing many of us to dismiss it outright when we're thinking about the best ways to decorate a home in winter.

However, shades of blue feature heavily in Pantone's roundup of the most stylish colours for 2014, so we thought it was time we gave this tranquil shade the chance to show what it can do for cold-weather decorating. We explore the ways you can enjoy it in your bathroom and kitchen - and still feel warm!

In the bathroom

Blue is the perfect bathroom colour: it makes us feel clean and fresh and, teamed with a gleaming white bathroom suite, it evokes an English Heritage look that's striking but timeless. Use patterned wallpaper or, for better wear in a wet and steamy room, choose blue and white patterned tiles. The detail will stop the blue translating as a cold colour, and create a luxurious look.

For an innovative way to incorporate blue into your bathroom, look for multi-dimensional décor options. Our Hall Blue tiles, for example, create a waterfall look that will bring the space to life.

While ombre (where one shade fades into another) was big news in 2013, working blue into your décor with a range of shades is a great way to update the trend for the new year. Try placing towels side by side in shades ranging from deep sea blue to bright turquoise, or go for a shower curtain with graduating blocks of the colour.

In the kitchen

Navy blue is the perfect kitchen colour, and it works wonderfully with richly-coloured dark wood flooring for a classic look that subtly references the nautical theme that constantly reappears in interior trend lists.

The dark wood will create a cosy and intimate look - the ideal backdrop for cooking up warming winter dishes - but light wood and white floor tiles can work, too. In fact, you may want to choose navy kitchen units and white flooring when you see how bright and uplifting they can be together.

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