Rock My Style Bathroom Makeover

We've loved the Rock My Style blog for years and back in February of this year the lovely Lolly got in touch to say she was using a few of our tiles in her bathroom makeover, well once the ‘fangirling' was over we couldn't wait to see what products she had chosen. The project has turned out so beautifully that we thought we'd share a snippet of the transformation and how Lolly has styled our tiles for her tastes. 

Week One

“Given that the shower room is likely to be the domain of Ste and I for a few years (here's hoping anyway) we decided that this was where we were going to channel the opulent vibe. Think grey marble and a fancy walk-in shower. I'd ordered samples of tiles prior to beginning this challenge and the only ones that I was really impressed with in our price range happened to be from Topps Tiles.”

“Ste and I decided that it would be a sensible idea to actually go and see multiple examples of the tiles in the flesh rather than just relying on a single sample in isolation. So that's what we did last week. After much umming and ahhing and a huge amount of patience exhibited by a lovely man at our local Topps Tiles store in Kings Heath (thank you Nick!), we finally settled on the following tiles for the bathrooms. I have to say, before I go on, that I was so incredibly impressed by the service I received when picking the tiles, the choices on offer and the amount of knowledge that all the staff possessed, that I felt really rather assured walking out of the store.

In the end we picked some off white large tiles in an tumbled finish called Nimbus Limestone for the floor and wall behind the bath in the family bathroom. We've also opted for the Dorsaf Tumbled Tile for the floor in the shower room with these grey Lemon Marble mosaic tiles in the shower. The shower room will have chrome and the bathroom hopefully will have matte black fittings respectively.”

Week Two

“We had a minor wobble with the tiling of this room; it wasn't so much the tiles themselves as the colour of the grouting, we (actually it was me!) chose…Somehow I got talked into choosing a light grey grout by our tiler – he assured me that it would be more off-white than grey – and the result is that now our Limestone tiles seem really quite yellowy compared to before.”

“The shower room by contrast is a success story. We're both incredibly happy with the colour scheme we opted for…all the greys…and weirdly the room feels bigger than it did before we added tiles into the mix.”

The Reveal

It's always great to see the full process of a renovation project with all the highs and the inevitable lows! One great piece of advice to take away from Lolly's project is the importance of grout. It's a vital part of a tiling project and can completely change the look of a tile. No longer is white the answer, test lots of different grout colours to find the right match for your project and don't let yourself get browbeaten into something you don't want by your tiler. If you've done your research then you can confidently chose what product is best for you.   

For the full story head over to the Rock My Style blog and visit the ‘Four Walls' section; she has split the project over four exciting posts with lots of mouth-watering images! If you're thinking about renovating or updating your home, take a look at the comments section on our ‘Ask The Experts' post we did in conjunction with Rock My Style to answer all your tiling needs!



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