Creating The Ideal Kitchen to Get You Through Winter

It's freezing cold, it's grey, and no one wants to go outside. What better time to turn up the heat in your kitchen? If you fancy creating a stylish space that's just perfect for cooking up the hearty meals to see you through the rest of winter, take a look at our top tips.

Choose a warming colour scheme

Forget wishy-washy shades if you want to create a homely, warming atmosphere in your kitchen; bring bright, passionate shades of red into your home for a stylish and fiery edge? We recommend our sleek and shiny Linear Red Gloss tiles for eye-catching colour, or our Stardust Red tiles for an extra-luxurious look thanks to the deep colour and subtle sparkle that brings each tile to life.

Choose the right kitchen

For your hearty cooking to go as smoothly as possible, ensure you have plenty of workspace in your kitchen. Since prep is the key to a successful and stress-free dinner, you'll want lots of room to chop, dice, blend and stir. If you're planning on going the extra mile this winter by trying out a new recipe or two, you'll want somewhere convenient to prop your recipe book, so why not consider making a decorative recipe book stand part of your kitchen?

It's all very well getting your prep done early for minimal fuss when dinner time arrives, but you're going to need space to keep all those prepared dishes fresh. A large-capacity fridge is a must for any kitchen that's likely to play host to several dinner parties throughout the year, while a decent-sized freezer will make all the difference if your New Year's resolution was to cook up big healthy meals in bulk.

Add some music to your evening

Forget carting a bulky sound system around your home or risking the steam getting to your phone by investing in one of these multi-purpose under-cabinet kitchen radios instead. It'll blend in with your other kitchen appliances, it won't take up any workspace, and it'll let you play your perfect soundtrack to cooking - whatever that may be! - from MP3s, CDs or the radio.

Set the mood with the right lighting

After all that cooking, give your culinary feats the setting they deserve: you can't beat candlelight for a very special atmosphere, so grab the taper candles and ornate candle holders and create a centrepiece on your dining table. If you're pushed for space, simply dot coloured tea light candles around the room.

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