Creating an Open Plan Living Space

Open-plan living is cool, contemporary and perfectly designed for entertaining, but are you making the most of your living room/kitchen's stylish layout?

Integrate for one big open, harmonious space

The key to this look is to mirror exact aspects of each room in the other - whether that is colour, texture or atmosphere. We show you how...

Choose features that work perfectly in both areas: Flooring is perhaps the biggest decision in this respect, as it flows between the two rooms. Laminate flooring laid throughout both spaces will not only create a unity between your living room and kitchen, but its versatility also means it'll provide the stain-resistance and hygienic qualities you need in the kitchen, while being homely enough to work in your living room - especially the deeper wood colours such as our Derby Oak.

Echo colours and prints in the little details - This little décor trick can go a long way to uniting the two areas, and there are so many ways to do it. For example, if your kitchen has glossy red wall tiles, take the exact shade and introduce it into your living room area. You could do this with anything from a fiery feature wall to a few red cushions on the sofa.

Create the same atmosphere - By using the same - or very similar - light fittings throughout your kitchen and living room, you'll encourage a feeling of unity thanks to both the actual look of the fittings and the depth and quality of lighting they create.

Separate to reclaim each space

For a successful separation of each space, you need to create definite differences while remaining sensitive to the area's surroundings. Here are our top tips:

Define the areas using colour and texture - If you feel your open-plan living space has been holding you back from enjoying the different looks you'd like in your living room and kitchen, now's the time to embrace them. Just because these two rooms have no wall to separate them, it doesn't mean they cannot be beautifully separated by décor. While completely different themes may look jarring - a futuristic kitchen with a traditional-style living room may just look muddled, for example - there are other ways to get that definition between the rooms.

If you'd love tiles in an eye-catching design to take centre stage in your kitchen, but don't feel the theme would suit a living space, just take one aspect of the print and subtly echo it in your living room décor. For example, the Synura White Wave tiles here will create a three-dimensional sea-inspired look in your kitchen that can be echoed simply by opting for curved furniture in your living area, leaving you free to let your creativity take over with the rest of the décor style.

Use furniture as a divide - Place your sofa so that its back is facing the kitchen area. This simple trick will help define each room, creating a cosy living space alongside other chairs and a coffee table, and serving as a divider from the kitchen without the need to block out any light with a larger screen or other separation device.

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