Quick Refreshers: Simple Changes For A Fresh New Look

It's a brand new year and the perfect time to cast off bad habits, lifestyle ruts and negative influences, but another aspect deserves your attention as part of your Big 2015 Shake-Up: your home.

From the projects you've been putting off to the little but effective things you may not have thought about, we bring you the top five changes to make for a revitalised home this year.

1) Freshen up fabrics

Changing tired curtains for a brand new pair is a fab way to inject some freshness into your home, but why not got one step further and switch to blinds? They look modern, can be wiped clean and will allow you to enjoy privacy without blocking out all the light. If you have kids or are a shift worker, blackout blinds can be a real sleep-saver when the sun starts rising early again.

2) Bold in the bedroom

Curtains aren't the only quick and easy fabrics to change up for a whole new look: new bedding can transform the atmosphere of a room - either with a fresher feel or a totally different style. If you'd like to take a risk with some bolder bedroom décor, this is a great way to do so without the long-term commitment.

3) Let the cracks show

Whether you've been hiding cracked bathroom tiles under the mat or chipped kitchen tiles behind the toaster, it's time to stop hiding and let them show... before quickly ordering replacements, tools and materials to get the room looking great again!

4) About that grout...

Mould and mildew can really ruin the look of a bathroom, and if your steps to solve the issue haven't worked so far, it may be time to think about regrouting that room. Don't worry, we've got plenty of support and advice to assist you - both online and via our knowledgeable staff in store - and it really will make a world of difference to your bathroom.

5) Get arty

You could buy a frame for your toddler's 'abstract masterpiece' or treat yourself to a print of a famous picture; however you do it, consider bringing some art into your home for instant sophistication and personality.

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