Home Décor to Help Your Resolutions

Did you know your home could give your New Year resolutions a boost? From cutting down on the snacks to learning to de-stress, we show you the décor that could give your good intentions a helping hand.

Your resolution: To sleep better

In the bedroom, choose a green-themed colour scheme to reap the benefits of a shade associated with balance and nature. Thought to have a calming effect, green could be just the ticket to help you unwind and drop off.

Your resolution: To be more productive

Whether you're self-employed, writing a novel or simply wishing to get more from your evenings, decorating a study or designated work area using shades of blue could really give your productivity a boost. Popularly believed to be calming and serene, blue is also linked to the promotion of intellectual thought.

If you'd like something brighter, yellow is also said to stimulate intellect.

Your resolution: To eat better

According to Reader's Digest, the colour blue is a great choice for the kitchen as it makes us eat less. The logic behind the theory is that it could be something to do with our cavemen ancestors; as there aren't many blue foods in nature, we tend to avoid them, assuming they might be poisonous. So discourage mindless snacking by choosing from our range of gorgeous blue kitchen tiles, or consider eating indulgent foods from blue plates to limit how much you consume.

In the dining area, orange is the new beige if you want to aid digestion, according to BBC Homes.

If you think you're an emotional over-eater, brown might be a good colour to go for in your living room, as it's associated with feelings of security and stability.

Your resolution: To relax

If you want a colour scheme to help the stresses and strains melt away, why not give lilac tones a go? Our La Dolce Vita Patchwork Rosa tiles are perfect for bathrooms, as are our Matrix Peony tiles - just imagine unwinding in a warm bubble bath with their soft, soothing shade surrounding you.

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