DIY Tiling Essentials

Thinking of doing a spot of tiling? Be prepared with our guide to everything you'll need to get the job done - and keep it looking great.


• Tiles! Take a look at our fantastic selection of tiles for floors and walls.
• Measuring tape - to ensure you buy the right number of tiles and to ensure they fit the area you're tiling.
• Tile markers - the ones here are perfect for marking where to cut glazed tiles.
• Tile cutters - choose your tile cutter depending on the scale of the job, and use it to trim down and shape tiles to suit the space.
• Nippers - allow you to cut or shape tiles to an irregular shape to fit awkward areas. Take a look here.

Laying your tiles

• Grout - to seal the joins between the tiles and stop moisture getting behind them. Choose the formula to suit your tiles.
• Cement backing board - this creates the perfect base for walls and floors, providing extra protection for your wall and a superior surface for your tile to bond to. The Hardiebacker version here is one of the strongest on the market.
• Primer - You can use primer to prepare the backing boards, creating an even surface to tile on.
• Tile adhesive - to fix the tiles in place. Choose the formula to suit your tiles.
• A notched trowel, trowel and float - to help your spread your grout thinly and evenly.
• If you are tiling a wet room, you'll need special products including waterproof wall and floor matting and waterproof tile adhesive, which you can find here.

For a perfect finish

• Levelling tools - to ensure an even finish.
• Spacers and wedges - create a professional finish by ensuring all tiles have an even space all around. Find them here.
• Grouting sponge - to clean up grouting during tiling, without scratching your tiles.

Staying safe

• Protective apparel - whether it's a big or small job, ensure injury doesn't delay the project by investing in gloves, knee pads, a mask and safety glasses. You may also consider ear plugs if you're using loud tools. You'll find all of these things here.

Maintaining the look

• Protectors and finishing products - grout and surface protector products can be used on your tiled surface to protect against stains and water absorption.
• Cleaners - choose the cleaning product to suit your tiles and their finish to keep the tiled area looking great.

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