Five Ways To Style - Syren

The Syren™ tile draws upon mermaid mythology, taking inspiration from their jewel toned scales and oceanic habitat with the range's harmonious palette of blues and greens. Fish-scale tiles are making a comeback, with the scallop edge having had a moment in fashion a couple of years ago and now, the 2LG Studio being obsessed with a painted scallop border in their home which has a very bright, 80s vibe.

The fish-scale tile is surprisingly versatile in creating a variety looks, as fore mentioned, that cool 80s modernist feel, it can be an indulgent rich Moroccan experience and it can also be styled in the Art Deco luxury associated with the 1920s. With the help of Instagram, we take you through a variety of styles and show you how you can use simple accessories to recreate the look in your home with our Syren range.

Industrialism isn't dead yet, in fact it's ever evolving. Once this movement was all about rustic wood, big empty spaces and lots of white with metal but over the years it's softened to encompass warmer and more homely qualities (thanks to the rise of Hygge). Add some character to an industrial scheme of marble and copper piping with a colourful and symmetrical pattern. The mix of the two tones work well as feature wall with an off-white contrast on the other walls providing an eclectic finish yet the copper still pops.

You can really play with proportions in any room, the scalloped edge finish in this shower gives the illusion of height but it also adds a playful vibe. We'd opt for a subtle pink ‘neutral' on the rest of the wall and carry it onto the ceiling to make the space feel bigger. The streamlined brass fixture provides character and warmth but also opens up the wall and gives maximum exposure to the tiles.

We love the current trend for having more plants in the home and 76% of our followers on Instagram agreed in a recent poll on our Stories! So why not brighten your morning shower with a touch of outdoors.

Set yourself a simple DIY project and update your cooker splashback to brighten up and renew your kitchen. The mixed pattern used here gives you the opportunity to add in colourful accessories. Finish the look with a gold or brass trim around the edge, we like the look of the metal contrasting with the dark blue units.

It looks like Art Deco is here to stay and you can easily create a timeless look by opting to use a few elements of the trend rather than a full on homage. Opt for a glossy smooth white unit in the kitchen with elegant long handles in brushed gold; the dark midnight blue tiles are lifted by touches of dusky pink, go one further and introduce a geometric pattern in towels and plates in muted colours.

Tiles don't have to be limited to kitchens and bathrooms, they can be used in all areas of the home and are a great option to rebound natural light and make a space feel bigger compared to more traditional paint and wallpaper options.

We've created a feature wall of the five colours in the Syren range to mimic the look of wallpaper in this living room. Subtle touches of Art Deco are everywhere but modernised with the burnt wood effect floor in a striking herringbone pattern and the modern off-white grey painted coving and ceiling. Go all out with a statement light fitting, perfect for the proportion of this high-ceiling room. The overall effect is colourful but not overpowering.

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