Classic Hexagons Three Ways

Different colours, patterns and sizes are constantly coming in and out of fashion in the world of interiors - but the classic hexagon is here to stay. Already appearing in flooring, on walls, in alcoves and some of the most glamourous interiors and exclusive hotels across the UK, the hexagon tile has become a fully-fledged staple of interior design and is set continue to be so!

There's something about this six-sided shape that interior designers, influencers and stylists all seem to love. And it's easy to see why, from the seamless way they slot together, building an elaborate, eye-catching honeycomb pattern which has endless possibilities, through to a simple geometric layout that's classic in style, there's a look to suit every taste so here are three contemporary ways to add hexagons into your home.


Marble Stone Hex Shape

If sleek and minimal interiors are your thing then you can't go wrong with a classic marble hexagon shaped tile like Misty Fjord. The beautiful natural veining found in marble means you can create a truly unique and luxurious look for your home which will stand the test of time but still have interest.    

If you prefer to create something with a slightly edgier style then try mixing this classic marble with wood effect tiles for a more contemporary feature floor area. This medley of textures and style is perfect for creating a grand, sweeping hallway floor that's totally unique.


Opt for illusion

The versatility and simplicity of the hexagon shape means it can be used to create complex patterns across walls and floors to really capture the eye and the imagination.

A rich tessellating pattern works particularly well for kitchen or dining areas as it can add depth and interest to the heart of the home. This is especially true when combined with warm honey, caramel and mink tones, as seen in Etched Hex, which offer an inviting feel. Pair with metallic accessories, such as brushed silver pendant lighting, to add an industrial edge to any interior and balance the look.



The hexagon works well in a small format mosaic too. If you're looking to add a flash of modernity into the mix, try using contrasting colours - not only within the mosaic, but on the walls too.

Be sure to keep one of your tiling options, whether that's the floor tiles or wall tiles, relatively neutral and in a complementary shade otherwise you could create an interior scheme that works against itself. We love adding different textures like the smooth glass of Speculo in this bold blue shade with the slightly rougher, pebbledash-inspired mosaic Mendel.

Add some geometric pattern into your home with our range of hexagon shaped tiles, check out our Classic Hexagon trend board on Pinterest.

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