Breaking News: Underfloor Heating isnít as expensive as you think it is!

It's that time of year again already! The nights are drawing in and Christmas is getting ever closer so it's time to get those DIY jobs done before guests start to arrive. This year we're all about having a cosy and inviting home which is why underfloor heating is not just a treat but a winter essential!

Some people are put off by installing underfloor heating, mostly from their traders saying it's too expensive but that's a myth! We've teamed up with WarmUp to show you why it's the best investment you could make for your home.

It doesn't cost the earth!

Underfloor heating is an ecological heating system because it runs at a much lower temperature whilst still reaching the same (if not higher) comfort level than conventional radiators, thus using less energy. Another reason is that it reaches the desired room temperature quicker, providing evenly distributed heat across the room. Warming the room from the ground up means that underfloor heating heats the people in the room as opposed to the air. Therefore, no energy will go to waste.

Insulation Improves Energy-efficiency  

One of the greatest benefits of floor heating is its increased energy-efficiency. Underfloor heating uses radiant heating to run at lower temperatures than traditional central-heated radiators whilst still giving out the same level of heat. Floor heating also heats the room more evenly and quicker too, eliminating energy wastage and therefore offering you savings on your heating bills.

Warmup Insulation Boards installed underneath the floor heating system dramatically cut back further energy-wastage by making sure no heat escapes downwards to the sub-floor. The insulation boards push all the heat from the system to the floor's surface whilst also reducing the heat up time of the system. Testing proves that the boards cut heat-up times from 2.5 hours to just 20 minutes. The faster the floor heats up, the more cost-efficient it is to run so investing in Insulation Boards pays off as this will save you money in the long run!

Get smart with your bills

Warmup offer a range of underfloor heating controllers, from simple dial-based thermostats to the programmable 3iE Energy Monitoring Thermostat and the technologically advanced 4iE Smart WiFi Thermostat. The 4iE is easy to use and using it with its partnered MyHeating and AutoSwitch smartphone apps can achieve savings of up to £378 a year on your energy bills. Controlling your bathroom's heating through the MyHeating app or its browser-based portal also offers automatic heating, making sure your home is warmed to your ideal temperature when you need it and running efficiently when you don't.”

So there you have it, you can have the luxury of warm, cosy feet all winter whilst actually saving yourself some money! It's all about investing in the right materials and products and you'll see the long term benefits year after year. Make your investment now and check out our underfloor heating offering online or go in store and talk to one of our specialists.

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