A Story of a Girl's kitchen makeover

With the kitchen often being the heart of the home, we caught up with Sophie Warner from Story of a girl following her fabulous renovation.

“The kitchen was the most important thing to me in the house. I love to cook and wanted a space I could really lose myself in and one that became the hub of the house. You can often find me on a Sunday with flour in my hair and every utensil filthy as I spend the day working through my never-ending supply of cookbooks. Thanks to my dad who did a spectacular job fitting it, a family friend who took time out to do our work tops and thanks to Connor who planned every last detail, I got the kitchen I always dreamed of. So, what did it look like before?

“The layout was the first thing that struck me. It's pretty small but it didn't seem like they were making the most of the space. I also didn't like the fact you had to go through the living room in order to get into the kitchen. It was pretty bland and painted this awful yellow colour which gave me a headache. It looked like it hadn't been updated in quite a few years, the flimsy cupboards had seen better days and the cooker was disgusting. That was the first thing we threw out.

“I always wanted a red and grey kitchen. It's one of my favourite colour combinations. I'd been collecting small red appliances for a few years and we decided to go for the full statement of investing in a matching fridge and dishwasher. Best decision ever! Once we had our colour scheme confirmed, we drew up some plans to decide the layout. Like I mentioned earlier, the space wasn't utilised very well so we decided to block up the existing door and reopen the door in the dining room (the kitchen is originally an extension.)

After it was plastered, and our spotlights were fitted, it was time to tile the floor. “I wanted a white tiled floor to help brighten it up as I was afraid too many dark colours could make it seem smaller than it was. We opted for grey grout as we didn't want to spend all our time scrubbing the floor. I'm a very messy cook so it really would be very time consuming. For the wall tiles, I wanted a lighter grey and fell in love with these flecked hexagon Bistro tiles from Topps Tiles. After seeing a honeycomb pattern on Pinterest, I immediately knew I wanted to recreate this at home. We used white grout to help make the grey stand out. They create a great contrast with the charcoal grey units and I couldn't be happier with the end result. It helps to create a real talking point in the kitchen and really jazz up the plain white walls.”

See more of Sophie's home by following her Instagram feed @storyofagirl89

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