The Beauty of Silvabirch

With the recent trend for Scandi living, the muted tones of a neutral colour palette appeal to most. Working well in a variety of interiors, for both modern and traditional tastes, the idea of minimalism with a touch of warmth and innovation is appealing.

A neutral colour palette in the home is always a great idea, not only can you dress it up or down as you please but it's also most likely to appeal to any potential owners if you wish to sell further down the line. This makes a neutral scheme a great investment and therefore worth doing properly. Allocating budget for some more luxurious pieces can bring life to an otherwise bland space, layering textures and different tones will help give your room depth and interest.

The Silvabirch tile is a great choice for any living area, replicating the natural beauty of the Silver Birch bark, the latest technology means this tile looks and feels like its real counterpart, not only will it not wear over the time like traditional wooden flooring but you also don't need to maintain it. The tile works perfectly with scandi inspired design and mid-century style furniture. Bring the look together with real logs, textured cushions and a faux-fur throw to add warmth and comfort.

A specialist glaze boosts a textured effect that is authentic to the touch as well as giving the tile anti-slip properties. These properties make it extremely practical for any room in the home including wet rooms.

The variation in this tile gives it depth but also makes it easier to pair with other tiles. Using this neutral toned tile on the floor means you can use pretty much any coordinating or contrasting tile on the wall. The Shibori tile is a bold burst of colour against the cool toned wood-effect flooring and when paired with heritage inspired fixtures it creates a modern take on classic country style.

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