Squares are back

Over recent years, the Metro tile has meant that brick format tiles have taken centre stage; the rectangular tiles offer an urban yet classic edge harking back to Victorian décor particularly when used in bright, vibrant shades of colour. However, the humble square is coming back into fashion, with clean boxy definition; the square tile can be used to achieve a multitude of looks.


Combining clean lines and pops of colour is a modern way to tile your home, especially if you are mixing shades of pastels. Colour block or create an eclectic striped finish with a combination of colours from the Matrix range, you can go as bold as you dare.



A square tile with a rustic edge can lend itself well to a more country vibe but it doesn't necessarily mean old fashioned. Hark back to the wild valleys of Scotland with woodland motifs or create an urban edge with butcher prints, popular farm animals featured on decorative panels that can be used in conjunction with a plain square tile for a graphic finish.


Introduce heritage pattern with a wall and floor tile with heavy decoration. The slightly aged and distressed finish of the Archivo range adds instant character to a small space and helps introduce a muted colour palette into the home. 

Victorian Mosaic

Squares don't have to be limited to full sized tiles, a chequer mosaic is the perfect complement to a Victorian inspired home. Combine a monochrome pattern with bright pops of colour for a contemporary twist on a classic Victorian aesthetic.

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