A Wet Room Refresh

The idea of a wet room can seem a little daunting, perhaps a little too complicated but in actual fact it's really quite simple with only a few basic steps and 11 fool-proof products (including your tiles!)

Transform the smallest of bathrooms into a smart and design friendly wet room, with no bulky shower trays or protruding fixtures it's an easy way to make your compact space light and airy with a contemporary feel (they're also a lot easier to clean!)

Follow these 8 steps and you'll be well on your way to understanding how to incorporate a wet room in your home. And apart from the actual shower you can buy your complete wet room at Topps Tiles.

  1. Choose your grate

Put your own stamp on your wet room by choosing either a linear or square shaped grate. Made with high quality laser cut stainless steel they add a touch of luxury to your wet room. Available in different designs, you can swap round your grates to create different looks.  

  1. Choose your tray

A tray is the base unit of the wet room, the type of tray you choose is dependent on the shape of grate you've already chosen and the position it will sit within your wet room. We always recommend that your drain sits underneath your showerhead for the most efficient flow.

  1. Waterproofing

Perhaps the most important element, making sure your new space is water and moisture resistant. There are two methods of waterproofing; matting, which can be used under any tile application with no drying time or a coating; BAL's Waterproof Plus has everything you need in one handy bucket and the area is ready to tile in 90 minutes.

  1. An added touch of luxury

Don't forget to include underfloor heating in your new wet room, your room will stay warm and inviting all year round and it remains the most cost effective and efficient way to heat a bathroom.

  1. Optional extras

Construction boards allow you to create enclosures, seating and shelving in your wet room and their insulating properties also help reduce heat loss. Heavy duty boards can also hold heavy tiles, the perfect solution if you've chosen a larger tile.

  1. Wet room screen

Again, not an essential depending on your bathroom shape or preference but a shower screen is a great way of protecting areas outside the shower from water damage. Our semi frameless screen is pre-treated to help repel against water, lime scale and soap scum making cleaning easy.

  1. The fun part

Let your inner interior designer come out when choosing your wet room tiles. Most modern porcelain tiles are ideal for wet room walls but just double check that they are suitable for the floor; we would always recommend an anti-slip tile with an R rating of 10 or above and to certainly avoid any glossy, polished tiles.

  1. Relax and enjoy

Complete the above steps and then relish in your new finished wet room. You're looking forward to that shower tomorrow morning; it's been a while hasn't it.

For more advice on underfloor heating and wet room installation visit one of our in-store specialists, find your local store here

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