New Collection- Attingham Earth

Our award winning Attingham range has just gotten bigger. Attingham Earth introduces four new on-trend colours in a plain flat colour alongside a Moorish inspired decor tile. Creating a subtle feature has never been easier with these bold colours when offset with the dappled almost distressed decor to complement traditional and contemporary interiors alike.


Inspired by a piece of linen cloth, this aged white shade looks flattering against black woods, brass accessories and green foliage. Ideal for either a kitchen or utility room, this simple tile stands out without being overpowering. Create a vintage-inspired decorative feature with a panel of decor tiles surrounded by the plain tile.


Although a flat colour when compared to the main Attingham range which features shade variation running through it, this glossy tile looks different depending on the light source. It can be a deep murky blue in north facing and artificial lights and a scintillating Azure in bright light. Use the decor tile as a subtle border, by using a wide border of two or three tiles it will keep the look contemporary especially when paired with a concrete effect tile like Macrame.


This bold green represents the leafy fronds of the fern plant, its delicate foliage has a mixture of greens which is the effect you get when combining the plain and decor tiles in a random laying pattern. Pair this impactful green with charred or washed out blacks and different textures such as leather, metal and wood to create a natural harmony.


Bold yellows, particularly mustard shades, are in vogue for autumn/winter and this sunny colour ticks all the boxes. Styled with either warm or cool grey tones this zingy yellow will bring life to any small space. Ideal for use inside an alcove to highlight an accent colour around the rest of the room.

Experiment with different laying patterns on our tile visualiser and see how you can incorporate both the plain and decor tiles into your space. Shop the Attingham Earth range here. Looking for a more muted colour palette? See the Attingham range, available in soft grey, powder blue and sea green.

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