Knockout tiles for a boxing hero

Did you tune into the final episode of this season of ITV's Love Your Garden? If so, you may have spotted us giving the BBC's Get Inspired Unsung Hero Sports Personality of the Year 2016 a helping hand in making-over his garden.

We're thrilled to have been able to help TV's Alan Titchmarsh transform Marcellus Baz's home garden into a Moroccan paradise.

For the first time ever, the TV show created two stunning gardens for Baz, one at his home in Nottingham and one at the Nottingham School of Boxing, which he founded to help young people in the area stay away from crime and gang culture.

Aged just 23, Baz's own hopes of a pro boxing career ended when he was brutally stabbed through the hand by a rival gang member.

But rather than carrying on down the wrong path he has completely turned his life around to help others.

Now aged 41, he provides free classes to hundreds of young people at his Nottingham School of Boxing, with some even dreaming of reaching the Olympics.

To give something back to Baz for his dedication in helping youngsters, we donated more than £2,000 worth of tiles, grout and specialist adhesives to help with the deserving project.

The makeover team used our handcrafted external Calatrava Rojo tiles, the Pool Baltic Blue Mosaic tiles and Inara Coal tiles.

Talking about the makeover, Marcellus said: “I'm extremely grateful to Topps Tiles for donating so many beautiful tiles to help transform my outdoor spaces.

"The Moroccan theme is perfect for my garden at home, and the variety of tiles have helped bring this vibe to life.

"At home, I'm now able to relax and unwind in the comfort of my own garden. 

“I'm very lucky that the garden at my Boxing School has also been transformed as the many youngsters who attend my classes will get so much pleasure from enjoying such a stunning outdoor area.”

Steve Presley, our area business manager who covers the Nottingham Lady Bay store, which managed the donations alongside our PR team, added: “The way Marcellus has turned his life around and the work he does for young people in Nottingham is absolutely outstanding.

"When we heard about the project with ITV's Love Your Garden, we immediately wanted to help.

“It's been a pleasure to be involved in such a wonderful garden makeover and has been particularly special creating two gardens.

"Enabling the youngsters at the gym to enjoy a safe and fabulous outdoor space, while creating a Moroccan haven for Marcellus at home, has been an exceptional and memorable experience for the Topps Tiles team.”

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