Is Your Home Ready for Winter?

This surprise spell of warmer weather we're having makes now the perfect time to prepare your home for winter - after all, no one likes doing DIY in the rain. Let this handy list help you ensure you're ready for the cold to come.

• When winter falls, as you are probably aware, those gaps in your doors and windows will soon start to feel like gaping holes, so why not address them now! Go around your house checking each window and door to make sure they aren't letting any draughts through, and if they are, simply use an inexpensive plastic insulating kit to seal up any unwanted gaps.
• Make sure your heating is up to scratch - it'll be one of the most important things in your home in a few short months! Check and (if necessary) bleed your radiators to ensure they'll be at their best when they're needed. Now is a great time to look into other methods to heat your home too, and under-tile heating is a good option for bathrooms, hallways and kitchens.

Topps tip: Get more from your radiators by placing some reflector foil behind them. It's just the thing to send heat back into the room.

• Avoid the risk of thousands of pounds worth of damage by ensuring your home's exterior pipes are properly insulated by placing a roll of insulating material around them. It's also a good idea to do the pipes under the sink.
• Check that your roof tiles are secure and that there are no gaps. While you're up there, check that your guttering isn't blocked with leaves or dirt which could cause them to spill over.
• On an interior décor note, why not save yourself having to put the heating up unnecessarily high by treating your home to a cosy throw for the sofa, and a higher-tog duvet?

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