Structured Surfaces

With the progression of technology, it's now possible to expertly replicate natural wood grain on to porcelain, create a multidirectional 3-D mosaic and cut mirrored glass into linear strips. A tactile surface adds intrigue and is becoming an important trend for the coming autumn. It doesn't have to be a bold statement, the way the light catches a glossy surface can often be more impactful than a vivid colour.


This glass mosaic has been etched and cut to create different surface heights which bounce the light around the room at various angles to create a bright and colourful space. The seagrass shade is made up of clear coloured glass and looks great paired with rustic woods whilst the black adds instant drama when paired with a textured mosaic like Hexmix. (Glaciem will be available later this year)


With a raised grid-like texture as part of the glaze, the Patchwork range creates a tactile surface without breaking up block colour. Pair with glass, bold metallics and graphic shapes for a contemporary bathroom.


A rolling 3-D wave constructs a decor tile in the Swave range, use all over to create a statement wall or mix with the plain tile to create a decorative border. A freestanding unit, clean white fixtures and hints of chrome keep the look contemporary without becoming cold.


This uniquely large structural tile, available in two patterns honeycomb and pyramid, needs to be laid in a linear formation for the pattern to match up, use a coloured grout to define the edges of the tile and create a graphic looking wall. (Mandara will be available from September)

Use a structural tile in the right place in your home and you can add interest and depth to your space. Use our tile visualiser to play with different surface designs and grout colours to find the best fit for your project. 


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