The New Way to Grout

Trends influence all aspects of interiors; over recent years we've seen the humble Metro tile take over homeowners' kitchens and bathrooms up and down the UK but no longer do people want a plain white splashback for convenience. Instead homeowners are choosing the white Metro tile because it's stylish, timeless and extremely versatile and what makes it most versatile is grout. The popularity of coloured grouts is on the rise and becoming part of the decision process when choosing tiles, Metro lovers often opt for a dark grey grout to define the tile and create a more industrial or rustic aesthetic when compared to classic white.

With the increase in wood-effect tiles we developed a specific range of brown hues to complement the vast range of wood-effect tiles available, these coloured grouts create a seamless effect so your practical tiled floor looks even more like the real thing. For those looking to add more colour to their homes the pastel trend is a great option as the delicate shades work well in many different areas of the home whilst providing that all important pop of colour. This new pastel grout range encompasses the colour spectrum from Antique White to Sky Blue and will match or contrast with any tile.

Antique White

A delicate off-white, this muted hue is the perfect balance between bright white and a soft cream, it avoids lighter coloured tiles looking dirty or greyed as they would with a traditional bright white grout.


A subtle mixture of browns and oranges blend together to create a dark terracotta tone, ideal for natural stone floors and more rustic tiles, this darker grout helps add definition to smaller tiles.


A soft green hue that works well with bluey-greens, this shade blends beautifully with our Attingham and Wild Blossom Seagrass ranges and contrasts nicely with statement tiles like Brixton.


A bright powdery blue, the Sky shade helps bring together multiple blues, from cobalt tiles like Anya and Metro Deep Blue to steel blues like Optiks and Diamante Pastels in Sky.


A pinky neutral that's like the colour of fresh plaster, it's the perfect grout for any tile with an off-white base like Berkeley and Dolmas. It also works well to define coloured tiles like Diamante Pastels Lavender for those looking for an alternative to grey.

Experiment with different grout colours and tiles on our Tile Visualiser and then order grout sample sticks in store to take home and test with your chosen tiles.


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