An Insta-Success

We like nothing more than a good home renovation and to follow the journey through Instagram! Our favourite new account to follow is @ourhousewiththereddoor. Their beautiful Victorian home in Salford, Manchester is what renovation dreams are made of and owner Tara Perera shared her bathroom renovation experience with us.

When did you buy your property?

We bought our house in August 2015. My boyfriend didn't even view it, but as I walked in I saw what incredible potential it had and put an offer in straight away. When he finally got to see it, he was so happy that we had managed to score this incredible house for us to change and restore to the best of our ability.

Why did you choose a property that needed renovating?

We didn't really get excited by new build as they often lacked character. Our house has been here since the 1800s, it's got an abundance of charm and old Edwardian/Victorian features that people would die for. We definitely wanted a place with history and original features and unless you have a money tree, they're quite hard to come by unless they need renovating to a certain degree. We were so lucky to find this place for a fairly reasonable price in such an ideal location, and the potential it holds is so exciting, we can't wait for it to be finished. 

Did you have a set budget for your bathroom project?

As the upstairs bathroom was split into two separate rooms - toilet room and wash room - our budget was fair to the work we needed to do. We set a guide of £4,500 for all the fixtures, materials and labour. There were a few nasty surprises here and there but we managed to not become out of pocket which was a bonus!

Where did you find inspiration for your project?

I went mad on Pinterest, creating boards and spending hours clicking on one pin and getting sucked into a "tile goals" hole. Also my Instagram that I've made for our house, I've got loads of inspiration from the people and companies I've engaged with which has also been amazing! Cannot wait to reveal the final look to our followers, and can't wait to get more inspo for the rest of the house!

What interior trends are you loving at the moment and have inspired the interior of your home?

I absolutely adore the subway tile/upcycle style that is flooding my Pinterest and Instagram at the moment. Using old toilet roll holders from railway stations of time gone by, Art Deco mirrors to make an incredible statement on the walls and framed, historic prints - all combined make for an incredible look. I think we'll be adding extra bits here and there now we're all cleaned up and (finally) dust free! We're constantly spending our weekends trawling through old auction houses and house clearance warehouses and I always pick random bits up so I'm sure some old vintage frames will be gracing our walls very soon. 

Which tiles have you used in your new bathroom?

We purchased these fantastic Berkeley Charcoal floor tiles and perfectly matched them to a BAL Micromax2 grey grout. Both combined gave an incredibly beautiful, clean look to our new bathroom. 

How was your experience at Topps Tiles? 

Most certainly a positive one! From going to the store several times to look at the different ranges they had, to the support and advice from the experienced and lovely staff, it's been such a great service. When we finally get to our second bathroom and kitchen transformation, we'll be knocking on Topps Tiles' door once again! 

Now you've finished the bathroom, what's next on the list?

We're torn between doing our second reception room, hallway or second master bedroom. We're definitely going to have to sit down and have a good think!

Recreate Tara's bathroom with our Metro White wall tile, Berkeley Charcoal wall and floor tile and BAL Micromax2 grouts. For an added touch of luxury try our Foundry box trim in Oxide to pull the different shades of grey together. We can't wait to continue the journey with Tara, follow her on Instagram @ourhousewiththereddoor.

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