Summer Reading- Our New Brochure

This month we released our brand-new brochure to celebrate the arrival of summer; inside we discuss the current season trends that will fall into autumn and showcase some of our favourite product for the season ahead. Need some guidance on the type of material you want to use, what lay pattern would suit your space or a little inspiration for experimenting with different coloured grouts? It's all there.

Shop the summer trends from our brochure or head online and design your own to share with your friends and family. Whatever your taste our latest brochure will help to inspire you and kick start your new project.


Summertime Blues

An ever-popular colour, blue comes in so many variations that it can be hard to choose the right one for your space. Picking the right shade is all dependent on the way in which you use the room; do you use it in the day or night time, natural or artificial light? Paler blues work in lighter, airy rooms whilst darker more moody colours work better in darker rooms to create a sense of drama and cosiness. See our new Metro tile in Deep Blue paired with Legato a matt marble-effect tile.


The Victorians were the champion of pattern and that sense of ornamentation still lingers today. Traditional patterns like those from Minton Hollins are still popular even in the most contemporary of homes. Pairing pattern with dark woods and metallics will keep the look contemporary but if your taste is more traditional then pick an era (like Art Deco) and play with that theme to keep the look cohesive and on-trend. Our Wild Blossom range, shown above in Seagrass, combines delicate pattern with on-trend pastels hues.


Textured Composition

Inspired by city landscapes, the tactile nature of certain materials offer a simple, utilitarian aesthetic that blends with raw industrialism. Introducing concrete, bonded surfaces and matt finishes alongside natural materials like silicone and terracotta will warm up an industrial theme. Use in conjunction with chalky colours, woven textiles and clean lines to create a calming utopia in your home. Our Fabrix range mimics the effect of fabric or carpet for a striking look in a snug or living room.


A firm classic, neutrals never go out of style but if not done correctly your space can look bare and cold, especially in those long winter months. Inject some warmth and personality to a neutral scheme with pops of metal, brass is particularly on trend this year and can really warm up a white based tile.

Choose from the Foundry range, a brass trim that organically ages over time, to add depth to your tile edges, you can even use trims as borders set into the floor for an added touch of luxury.

Want to create a new on-trend look in your home? Check out our new brochure, available in store and online.

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