The Best Effect

Finding the right flooring for your home can often be tricky especially if you have pets, children or a specific aesthetic, however porcelain tiles are a good solution. Hardy, waterproof and easy to maintain, porcelain tiles are fast becoming the material of choice throughout the home. With the latest inkjet technology, it's also a choice that offers a vast amount of variety so you don't have to stick to the classic black or white square tile.


Closely replicating the real thing, a porcelain stone-effect tile is a practical choice over real stone, it's easier to maintain, fit and costs a lot less. But stone-effect isn't limited to white marble, they can also mimic the texture of stone as well as its natural variation giving it an authentic look and feel.

Antler is the perfect example of new technology. The ceramic tile uses a specialist glaze that recreates the structure of stone whilst providing the look of a small format tile. The variation in colour gives it almost a pastel, earthy aesthetic. Perfect for those looking for either a rustic country kitchen or an industrial inspired living room.


The most common flooring in living areas of the home is wood however it's difficult to keep it looking new (unless you're already in love with distressed vintage floorboards!). Having to varnish them twice a year is hard enough, worse if you have pets (or heels) scratching it every time they pass through. Porcelain wood-effect tiles closely replicate the natural texture, grain and knots of solid wood whilst being resistant to scratching and stains. Now you can have the practicality of tiles in your living room without it feeling cold and empty.

Andira can be laid in a herringbone pattern to look like classic parquet flooring, think classic Parisian chic, running through the hallway across the ground floor. As it's porcelain it won't wear like real parquet and can easily withstand those wet muddy shoes as you come through the door.


The newest effect, these porcelain tiles copy the knit and weave of fabric, a great antidote for those who love carpet but hate the upkeep. Use them in conjunction with underfloor heating and your home will stay cosy and warm throughout the year for minimal cost.

Cotton Mill plays on the traditional carpet by introducing a large amount of variation between each tile; with various patterns, weaves and grey hues this range creates a statement both on the floor and the wall; whilst Fabrix plays with plaid-inspired decors in muted tones for a relaxed on-trend look.

Effect tiles are great for blending into your home whilst providing practicality but they can also create drama and interest when used in unexpected places like a fabric-effect décor on the wall or wood-effect in the garden. Experiment with different looks and take advantage of these hardy porcelain tiles.


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