The new texture for 2017, fabric

It's believed that carpet originated in West Asia, most likely in Armenia way back in the 3rd or 2nd millennium BC. Since then different cultures have put their own stamp on the term with different piles, techniques and patterns but since the late 90s carpet has been out of favour. The rise in new homes meant a sea of cream, a world away from the famous bold hues and intricate patterns of Persian designs, and the invention of glueless laminate flooring introduced a more practical solution for the home.

It's only now that homeowners want to inject warmth and comfort back into their homes but without the wear and tear and difficult cleaning of carpet. New advances in technology mean that tiles are becoming more sophisticated every day and better able to replicate different types of materials. The newest in this fascination with effect tiles is fabric. 

Our Fabrix range expertly replicates the weave and texture of a woven carpet, available in soft neutrals it's not a leap away from the traditional modern carpet however it has all the benefits of a porcelain tile. And with the material being compatible with underfloor heating your house never has to be cold again making it possible to have both practicality and comfort all in one living space. This new effect tile lets you make the most of your living area all year round and for those brave enough, the complementary decor plaid tile makes a bold statement. When used in a reading nook it creates a zoned area without alienating the rest of the room, alternatively use it in a hallway for a practical entryway.

Another fabric-effect tile is Cotton Mill. Coming soon, this small format tile creates a real statement in the home with its varying textures and colours all in the same pack. Experiment with different laying patterns to achieve a unique look, just remember to dry lay your design first to make sure you're happy with it! 

Have some fun with your interior without making a compromise on practicality with fabric-effect tiles; they really do bring any room in the home to life. For more inspiration on interiors and how to style your home visit our Pinterest and get pinning.

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