The 5 Greatest DIY Life Hacks

DIY just got easier with these ingenious shortcuts. Bring on that smug feeling!

1. Don't use the side of the tin to wipe excess paint off your brush; put a rubber band around your open tin so you can use it instead. No more build-up, and no more trouble getting the lid back on!

2. Instead of storing a load of bulky paint tins, or having to re-buy, pour a small amount of any new paint colour you use into a baby food jar. Next time you scuff your wall, you'll have the exact shade handy.

3. Avoid a cartoon-esque throbbing thumb by using a clothes peg to hold a nail in place against the wall while you hammer it in.

4. Drilling makes dust, but now you can dodge doing the hovering by sticking a bent Post-it to the wall just below the hole you're making - it'll catch the mess.

5. To help stop paint splatter, grab a plastic lid from a tub, cut a slit in it and slide it over your paintbrush to rest just past the base of the bristles.

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