Renovating A Bathroom On A Budget

The easiest way to create havoc in your everyday life is to renovate your bathroom, many say it's the kitchen but they haven't had the pain of having to join a gym just to have a shower every day! But with some great planning and research it certainly doesn't have to be a long drawn out nightmare even when on a shoe-string budget. We'll take you through some great tips on how to achieve a luxury bathroom on a budget, all you need is some savvy shopping skills!

Plan Your Budget

First things first, you'll need to sit down and decide exactly what you want from your new bathroom. Are you a shower person or do you need to have a bath? Do you need more storage and therefore need to compromise on the fittings you want? Are there any difficult areas you need to think about, for example a water tank?

Secondly, work out exactly what you want to spend on the complete project (including accessories like bath mats and soap dispensers!). When every penny counts, can you save any of the original fixtures?

Finally, what is most important to you - what do you need to prioritise within the set budget, do you want to spend more on a shower or have a less basic tile? Compromise is necessary when working with a tight budget.

Shop Around

It may seem obvious but buying a whole new suite from one company is convenient but doesn't necessarily make it cheaper. Shopping around to find the best deals is a great way to save money; one retailer could be selling a particular brand much cheaper than another. A great way to gauge what you like is to visit company showrooms and then do a little hunting online to get the same product but cheaper.

For something a little more unique, shopping sites like eBay and Gumtree etc are a great way to find a bargain that perhaps needs a little TLC. You can often find amazing free standing baths that just need some attention and a lick of paint to look brand new again. Obviously be careful if looking at electrical goods like showers. Sometimes brand new and a guarantee is worth it.

Sale Shopping

Waiting for the sales is a great idea; if you have your heart set on a particular fixture then wait for the sale to see if you can get it any cheaper. Online retailers often have more sales than store only retailers and are easier to track. But don't get sale happy and start buying everything because it's cheaper, plan ahead for particular items you need and stick to that budget!

The best sales are at the start of the New Year but sometimes they can start as early as December so keep checking your favourite sites to see if the price drops. If you really can't afford something, hold your nerve and wait, the longer the sale goes on the better the price is likely to become. Of course you could always try going in store and haggling but being British, we find this difficult!


A scary prospect and perhaps not an option for some, doing it yourself is a great way to avoid a lot of spending. Take a look at some YouTube tutorials and do some research; also ask in-store experts if you're unsure on something, they should be happy to advise you. Alternatively, rope in a friend or family member if they have a trade skill like plumbing or tiling, offering them a nice dinner for their troubles!


Tiles are an investment and cover a whole range of prices however if you shop around you can usually find something you love that's within budget. Topps Tiles has a ‘Lowest price guarantee' where if you find the same product elsewhere we'll beat the price by 5%, great deals can be had! Similarly, if you can definitely afford the repayments, payment plans are a great way to invest in a more inspiring product range, after all you should love your new bathroom!

If you have to go for a basic tile then tile it in an interesting lay pattern like herringbone to make it look more expensive, a contrasting grout can also have the same effect! When online choose the type of tile you're looking for and then sort them by price; once you've found the one, see what you can do with it on our Tile Visualiser to make it your own.


If you've opted for a fairly plain suite, look to create personality and warmth by adding key accessories. A rustic sideboard from eBay, revamped, with a bargain basin sink on top can look fantastic providing both a personal touch and a fashionable look. You can then splash out on some nice taps for that touch of luxury and nobody will ever know! To channel your inspiration create a Pinterest board of accessories you love and see what would work together to create a cohesive look.

If you can manage all of these tips ahead of time then your renovation should go smoothly and most importantly stay on budget.


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